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  • September 12th, 2013

    Red Sox 7, Tampa Bay 3, in 10:
    Clutch, Thy Name is Mike Carp…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:59 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    You know what is the BEST part of this Red Sox Team? The fact that on any given night, any of the 33 men on the roster (it IS September, you know) can step up, and get the job done.

    And last night, it was Mike Carp’s turn. With the score tied at 3 in the 10th inning, Mike Carp, pinch hitting for Johnny Gomes, strokes a GRAND SLAM to put the Sox ahead for go, 7-3.

    Oh, and the last time the Sox had a pinch hit grand slam? Glad you asked. Kevin Millar did it–in 2003…

    And while Dempster only went 5 innings in this game because he walked too many fracking people (5), hit a batter, and threw too many pitches (106, 58 for strikes) he did manage to hold Tampa Bay to 1 run on 4 hits, while striking out 7. It was Brandon Workman who took Dempster out of the equation, giving up the tying run in the 8th inning. But then Koji (breaking Ellis Kinder’s 1952 Red Sox record for most men retired in a row–which is currently 34) threw ANOTHER perfect inning, including 2 strikeouts, for his 4th win of the season. This man is a MACHINE…

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, the current major league record is 41, held by Bobby Jenks since 2007…

    And…The good news is: The Magic # to clinch the Division is 8, and the Sox need to win 11 out of their next 15 to have a 100 wins for the 2013.

    And…Now the bad news: With Tampa Bay losing, and Baltimore and Cleveland not getting it done, there is one game the separates the Skanks from Tampa Bay for the Wild Card. ONE. GAME. While I don’t think the Skanks have what it takes to go the distance, all a team needs to do is GET to the Dance, because everything is different in a short series. EVERYTHING.

    BUT. That Clay person is feeling good, and is planning on making his next scheduled start in the Rotation, which is the ESPN Game on Sunday Night at Fenway vs the Skanks. Look for him to throw around 90 pitches in the contest…

    Funny stuff: Ya know how the players are doing the crazy beard thing? Well, apparently, young ‘un Xander Bogaerts wants to grow one too–but he CAN’T–he’s one of those guys who can’t grow a beard…Personally, I think they all look strange–not a fan of the garden gnome look (as I have heard others call it). But then again, I thought Bronson Arroyo’s corn rows in 2004 were BANGING…

    Finally, our friends at eTrueSports once again have the inside scoop on Bobby Valentine, who is reportedly part of the postseason broadcast team for TBS, joining, Pedro, Eck, and DO: A source at Manhattan’s Hospital for Special Surgery told eTrueSports that yesterday’s emergency operation to remove Bobby Valentine’s head from his ass was unsuccessful. “It was just too far up there for us to do anything.”

    My only question is: When did it become an emergency? His head has been up his ass for YEARS…

    Coming up: Game 3 of the final regular season series against Tampa Bay. Jake Peavy goes for his 12th win, and a Red Sox sweep, opposed by Jeremy Hellickson. 1st pitch 7:10pm.

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