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  • Archive for August, 2013

    Red Sox 1, Blue Jays 2:
    And that is 2 in a row…

    For the first time since May, the Sox have lost 2 series in a row, and these last 2, to the SUCKIEST teams in baseball…and, as it was, the Toronto series was damn near a sweep, as it took them 11 innings to get the job done in Game 1. Not that its anything new, […]

    Book Review:
    Blue Moon Over Fenway, By Alden C. Glass.

    Fast forward to 2018. The Sox haven’t won a World Series since 2007. They have been pretty abysmal, being bought and sold more than once, turned into a major money making machine, even at the expense of everything that is good about the game. And they even got thisclose to actually getting rid of Fenway […]

    Red Sox 4, Toronto 2, In 11 Innings:
    Far too long.

    I don’t get it. How can the Sox take 11 innings to beat a team with a record of 54-65, and are DEAD LAST at 17GB in the AL East? I know, I know: Baseball. Fickle Mistress. Blah Blah Blah… But ya know what was MOST shocking about this game? That Ryan freaking Dempster put […]

    Red Sox 7, Astros 5:
    Far Too Labored

    This whole series, even the first game where the Sox bats were silenced, just felt like FAR too much energy was expended to beat a team that is 37-76, and 27 (yes, TWENTY SEVEN) games out of 1st in the AL West. The Sox outscored the Astros 22-17 in 3 games–but giving up SEVENTEEN runs […]

    Red Sox 4, Arizona 0:
    Another 2 out of 3…

    Felix Doubront is ON FIRE. Another great outing for him, earning his 8th win of 2013 with 7 innings of 5 hit, no-run ball. He threw 95 pitches, 57 for strikes during the span, walking none and striking out 5. This is his 15th quality start in a row where he has allowed 3 earned […]

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