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  • July 18th, 2013

    July 18th, 2013:
    STILL no Baseball – Part 4…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:53 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Yeah Yeah, I know some people will count the All-Star game as a day of baseball–but for reasons I mentioned here and here, I don’t.

    So we have another 23 hours-ish until the unofficial 2nd half of the baseball season starts.

    And it starts with a team that is FUN TO WATCH, has players who actually play the game right, and it always seems a different player who is stepping up and getting things done.

    Of course, there is the 1st place in the AL, Best record in the AL, and a 58-39 record –for a team no one thought would even have a chance of contending after losing 93 games in 2012..Oh, and in case you were wondering where the Sox were at this time last year? 47-45…

    So here we are, coming up this weekend with games 7-8-9 against the Skanks–and the first at Fenway Park this year.

    Let’s break it down:

    The Sox are 6 games ahead of the Skanks in the AL East (1st and 4th place, respectively. Go ahead and read that again–I’ll wait). And, both 3 game series played at The Stadium ended the same: With the Sox winning 2 out of 3 contests.  So…

    To the Blackboard!

    If the Sox Sweep: They will be a mighty NINE games ahead of the Skanks in the AL East. While not a guarantee lock, its pretty freaking cool.

    If the Sox Win 2: The Skanks will leave the Fens 7 games back in the division. This is the scenario I think most likely…

    If the Sox Win 1: The Skanks will leave the Fens 5 games back in the division.  Still Acceptable.

    If the Skanks Win 2: The Sox will still hold a 4 game lead in the AL East…Not the path I am hoping they take..

    If the Skanks Sweep: The Skanks will have halved the margin to 3 games in the AL.  Pretty unlikely, but this IS basebll…

    Bottom lime–even if the Sox totally TANK this weekend, they are still going to be 3 games ahead of the Skanks, and most probably, still 1st in the AL East–although, depending on how Tampa Bay does, it could be close.

    Buuuuuuuut: Did I mention the Sox are 31 and 16 at home this year? Yeah…

    Finally, good luck and Godspeed to Derek Lowe, who has decided to retire as 17 seasons of major league baseball. But don’t say the “R” word to him: “I’m officially no longer going to play the game. It’s still enjoyable, but the role I was having wasn’t fulfilling.

    Both a starter and reliever, Lowe has a record of 176-57 with 86 saves and a 4.03. The 2-Time All-Star (both with the Sox), threw a no-hitter for the Sox in 2002 against Tampa Bay, one of the 4 battery mate (and fellow trade bait–Thank god for Heathcliff Slocum) Jason Varitek caught in his career…He also won each of the deciding games in the 2004 Postseason: Game 4 of the ALDS, Game 7 of the ALCS, and game 4 of the World Series.–after almost being left off the postseason roster. Most recently, he was pitching for the Rangers, in long relief, before being released in May. I wish he could have pitched again for the Sox, because, even tho he was a head case sometimes, he WAS one of the sacred 25…

    Coming: Felix Doubront takes the bump in Game 1 of the series against the Skanks, opposed by Andy Pettitte, who THANKFULL doesn’t mess the Sox up anymore. I remember when he was really good, and he would not only beat the Sox in the game he was pitching, but their mojo would be screwed up for DAYS after…Actually, as crazy as it may sound, I think this game could go in either way. I know, he put on a clinic on the 1st day of the 2013 campaign, holding the Sox to 1 run in 8 brilliant innings..BUT–he has been a 500 pitcher since then…and has a 5.19 ERA for July. 1st pitch 7:10pm…

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