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  • June 15th, 2013

    June 15, 2013: Guest Post:
    Hit the High Seas On a Red Sox Cruise

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:42 am in Baseball,Guest Post,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Now, baseball fans can sing their favorite tunes from Sweet Caroline to¬†Take Me Out to the Ball Game on the high seas, when they enjoy an extended seventh inning stretch on a Celebrity Cruise. Now recognized as the Boston Red Sox’s official cruise line, Celebrity Cruise and the Olde Towne Team have just announced a partnership that will thrill die-hard, vacation-bound Sox fans.

    In 2014, the cruise line and the Red Sox begin offering citizens of Red Sox Nation an unmatched opportunity to escape from the daily grind while also escaping anyone who is not a loyal fan. On the once-in-a-lifetime cruise, fans will get to rub elbows with former players while relaxing next to their favorite announcer, Joe Castiglione. Featuring the luxurious Celebrity Silhouette ship, the cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale on January 12, 2014, and it takes fans through the western Caribbean on a beautiful seven-day odyssey, according to the Boston Herald.

    With prices that range from about $900 to almost $1,300 for a double-occupancy cabin, this cruise includes a range of accommodations, a variety of entertainment options and a delightful array of gourmet meals. Guests can include an overnight stay in Fort Lauderdale before their departure. Family members who are not sports fanatics will also love the many non-sports-related activities available on board.

    On Labadee, Celebrity’s own private island, cruise participants will have the opportunity to attend a beach party like no other. Those who prefer quieter offerings can explore the local ancient ruins when the ship docks in Cozumel, and the adventurous at heart can join an underwater diving or snorkeling expedition in the Grand Cayman Islands. While on the ship, the offerings are just as diverse and exciting.

    According to celebritycruises.com, you can meet and greet some of your favorite Red Sox players at one of the cruise’s two cocktail parties. Whether you want to belt out your favorite baseball anthem, croon a new pop song or indulge in an old favorite, karaoke night is just right for you. Finally, you can treat yourself to a swanky martini at the ship’s most exclusive bar, or you can indulge in a range of spa services when you decide to pamper yourself onboard.

    Although this cruise is designed for Red Sox fans, fans of other teams may also have the opportunity to vacation on water surrounded by players from their favorite teams. Cruise liners sailing up and down the Mississippi and the Ohio rivers offer fans of varying teams the chance to learn more about their favorite sport while surrounded by players from the New York Mets, the New York Yankees and other great teams. Departing from baseball-centered cities like St. Louis and Cincinnati, these trips also offer fans the chance to meet sports writers, umpires and other baseball legends, according to the USA Today.

    Countless Red Sox fans have espoused the idea of escaping to an island where they won’t have to see fans of rival teams. That may finally feel like a possibility thanks to this new partnership. Whether you want to meet your favorite player or just relax while getting a massage at sea, a ticket to one of these cruises may be just the ticket you need.

    Guest Blogger Christina Lee is a financial adviser who lives in the Boston area.

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    Hit the High Seas On a Red Sox Cruise”

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