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  • May 28th, 2013

    Red Sox 9, Phillies 3:
    Back in the Saddle again–In More Ways Than 1…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:21 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Oh, and because my life is crazy, I completely missed the boat on Boston Red Thoughts 7th Year Anniversary–nearly 2 weeks ago (UGH). What a dummyhead I am.

    So, yes, on May 15th, 2006, I started this crazy little thing called Boston Red Thoughts, never imagining where it would take me, or the amazing people I would meet and call friend. And to everyone who takes the time to read, like and comment–you are the reason I do this–and I am grateful.

    Thank you!

    After a hellacious couple of weeks, where people were all kinds of freaking out, despite the fact that the Sox were playing WAAAAY above where we all thought they would (83 wins and no postseason, remember?), the Sox seem to have found their winning ways again, winning 10 of their last 14, including the last 4 in a row…

    AND, since the Skanks can’t seem to beat the hapless Mets, the Sox now have sole possession of 1st place in the AL East again. Yes, it’s only a game over the Skanks–but anytime the Sox are in 1st and the Skanks are after that is a good day…

    So Alfredo Aceves decided to NOT be a nutcase yesterday, getting his 2nd win with 6 innings of 1 run ball. Throwing 93 pitches, 58 for strikes, he gave up 7 hits (including the solo homer) while walking 3 and striking our 2…

    And of course, since it’s the Phillies, and their closer is Jonathan Papelbon, and this is the first time he has been back in 2 years, there is a ton of brouhaha…But surprisingly, he was pretty classy–must be because its “Jonathan” and not “Cinco Ocho”: Some highlights: “It’s an absolute thrill to be here, to play in this park again, and to hopefully get on the mound here and pitch. I think this is one of my all-time favorite mounds to pitch off of and, obviously, you know the crowd will be intense tonight. It’s fun to play here…Hopefully, I’ll be received well. But I will also accept the fact that I might not.”

    Looks like That Clay Person is going to be ok, after being scratched from last night’s contest with an irritation of his AC joint (collarbone). John Farrell weighs in after his throwing session yesterday: “We don’t anticipate this being more than a couple of days extended before he’s back on the mound for us. A positive day for him.” He is expected to start on Friday Night in game 1 of the Skankee series.

    And then there is Daniel Bard, who hasn’t pitched in 2 weeks, and despite the fact that Ben Cherington is just calling it “a little break”, sounds like he has been shut down–at least for the foreseeable future. And with numbers like these, it’s easy to see why: 13 hits and SEVENTEEN walks in 12.2 innings for fracking DOUBLE A, including 5 in 1 inning the last time he pitched on May 15th. WHAT a disaster…

    Looks like Franklin Morales (admit it, you forgot about him too…) will be activated tonight for tonight’s contest, with Aceves being sent back to Pawtucket…

    Coming up: Ryan Dempster take the mound in game 2 of this 4 game series against the Phillies, where they are doing something a little bit different this year–the 1st 2 games are being played at Fenway, an then both teams travel to Philly for the last 2. Weirdness…He is opposed by Cliff Lee, who is having one of his typical seasons (5-2, with a 2.48 ERA) Fortunately, the Sox have usually had good luck against him… 1st pitch: 7:10–if it doesn’t rain out…

    But as far as I am concerned, –the sooner they end this series the better, as its completely blacked out for me, cause I live 2 hours from Phila (STUPID…)

    One Response to “Red Sox 9, Phillies 3:
    Back in the Saddle again–In More Ways Than 1…”

    1. Skank Blanchard says:

      So, what you are saying is…. Even though the Yanks are playing with about half the starters hurt, they are only one game behind the Pox? Hmmmm lots of games yet to be played. Lets re-vist this after the all star break. But I agree, you guys should enjoy your slight edge while it lasts. :).

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