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  • May 14th, 2013

    May 14, 2013:
    Doing the 180…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:35 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    OK, how do the Sox go from having a GREAT starting 5, with 2 legitimate Aces, a bullpen that is NAILS, a DH who is defying his age and injuries and hitting the cover off the ball, and everyone was playing hard and doing their job–and at the end of April, were 1st in the AL East, and defying expectations by having the best record in baseball..

    Now their closer (the first one) is now done with the season, as his elbow tendon FELL OFF THE BONE, the best catcher they have is on the DL with a concussion, their 3rd baseman is playing with broken and/or separated ribs–and no one can pitch to save their life–and in the middle of May, they have lost 8 of their last 12, and are now THIRD in
    the Al East–nowhere NEAR the best record in baseball..

    W.T.F. Happened?

    I get that there are some injuries–but Will Middlebrooks was struggling before his collision with David Ross, and Hanrahan was off the DL for like 15 minutes before his arm fell off—so what is everyone else’s excuse? Is this market correction–or just a momentary lapse of reason?

    And I truly believe Ryan Dempster messed with his Karma with all that “I’m gonna win 30 games this year” crap. Even if he was kidding, it sounds bush league–and he has never been “That guy” and Holy Hell, at this rate, he might end up LOSING 30 games this year…CRAP…

    Thankfully, the injury bug is not leaching onto Shane Victorino, who was cleared to play tonight after banging up his torso running into the wall during Sunday’s drubbing by the Jays…

    And while Andrew Bailey will NOT be activated today, he IS making progress, throwing a mound session today. If all goes well, he’ll probably need a rehab start or 3 before returning–can’t imagine they would activate him straight from the DL…But the Sox really need him back–Junichi Tazawa, while effective, is no closer–plus the fact it throw the entire bullpen (and their roles) off…

    Interesting stat: Despite the fact that John Lackey is 1-3 for the 2013 campaign, he has a 2.28 ERA, and 24 strikeouts in the 22 1/3 innings he has pitched. So, his W-L record is really more a lack of run support, as his ERA is over 4 runs LESS than it was in 2011…

    Coming: The Sox kick off a 9-game road trip with 3 with the resurging Tampa Bay. John Lackey is on the bump tonight, opposed by Matt Moore who is 6-0 with a 2.14 RA on the season (but lifetime 02- with a 5.87 ERA against the Sox). 1st pitch: 7:10pm

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