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  • May 6th, 2013

    Red Sox 3, Texas 4:
    Bound to Happen, Sooner or Later…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:10 pm in General No Comments

    Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long. The Sox managed to go a month without being swept, and then the 3rd thru 5th day into May, it happened. And while its not the outcome any of us wanted. WHY are people freaking out? Folks, this is the team we were hoping would be
    likable, and win 80-85 games.

    The fact that they have exceeded that expectation beyond our wildest dreams (and stil have the best record in baseball at 20-11–tied with St. Louis) so far, in a season that is A MONTH OLD does not mean that:

    1. They are playoff bound; there are 131 games left to play, and its a looong season.
    2. Its all over, and they are going to turn into a big pile of suck, and that the line should start forming at the Tobin Bridge.

    I think that we should enjoy whatever we get this year–they are a fun team, play hard, and are enjoyable to watch. Honestly, anything over 83 wins is GRAVY.

    Yeah, I think I’ll be checking for pods in MY basement!

    With the exception of Friday, where Felix Doubront got beat up, both Lackey and Lester pitched well enough to keep the Sox in the game–unfortunately, the starters for Texas kept the offense quiet enough for all 3 contests. The “Dark Bright Blue Team” is going to be trouble this year–I can feel it…

    And, Honestly, Ian Kinsler is the fracking Eva(n) Longoria of the Rangers. EVERY. STINKIN. TIME. there was something going on, he was right in the middle of it…

    And when is someone going to realize that Clayton Mortensen is NOT all that and a bag of chips–not even the snack sized one…

    But it looks like he will be around for a while longer at least, as Andrew Bailey heads to the DL, retroactive to April 29th, with strain in his right bicep. Craig Breslow will take his spot on the 25 man, and hopefully stick when Bailey comes back, which can be as soon as May 14th. Fortunately, there was no structural damage shown in the MRI, so he will not throw for a time, to rest the strain, but I think he is still going to need to ramp back up, as well as some rehab work, so the 14th doesn’t seem super realistic to me. Joel Hanrahan will assume the closer role again…

    Finally, Happy Anniversary to my parents, who took a young girl to the Holy Land when she was 13, and where her love of the Boston Red Sox was born, which is pretty ironic, considering that my mom was a “Scream-at-the-TV” Skankee fan, and my Dad is a Cleveland Indians Fan. Talk about your mixed marriages…

    Coming up: Where the rubber meets the road. Time for That Clay Person to take his rightful place as Ace of this Red Sox Staff and do what an ace does: Be a stopper. The Sox are back in the Fens for 7, kicking off with a 4 game series against the Twins. Buchholz, going for his 7th win of the season (with a 1.01 ERA, I might add) is opposed
    by Vance Worley, owner of a 0-4 record, and a 7.22 ERA–Yikes! Let’s Hope the Reverse Lock doesn’t come into play here…

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