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  • Archive for May, 2013

    Red Sox 9, Phillies 2:
    FIVE Steals!

    Holy Buckets! Why is it that when something THIS amazing happens, I don’t get to see it? The Jason Varitek smashing his glove into A-Rod’s Face? Blackout. That Clay Person throwing his no hitter in 2007? On a Cruise Ship. The Game where the Sox beat the Marlins 25-8? Board Retreat. Last night? Blackout. Holy […]

    Red Sox 9, Phillies 3:
    Back in the Saddle again–In More Ways Than 1…

    Oh, and because my life is crazy, I completely missed the boat on Boston Red Thoughts 7th Year Anniversary–nearly 2 weeks ago (UGH). What a dummyhead I am. So, yes, on May 15th, 2006, I started this crazy little thing called Boston Red Thoughts, never imagining where it would take me, or the amazing people […]

    Book Review: Long Shot
    By Mike Piazza, with Lonnie Wheeler

    Anyone who has watched baseball in the last 15 year, no matter what team you root for, knows who Mike Piazza is: (Probable) Hall of Famer (He garnered 57.8% in voting his first year on the ballot), probably one of, if not THE best hitting catchers of all time, and, the NY Met whom Roger […]

    Red Sox 9, Tampa Bay 2:
    Needing to be doing THAT more often…

    I cannot even REMEMBER when the Sox last had a big inning like they they has last night in the 3rd: 8 runs, they batted around, and Stephen Drew hit his 2nd career grand slam to double the score in that inning. What was even nicer is that no crazy ass pitching threw away a […]

    May 14, 2013:
    Doing the 180…

    OK, how do the Sox go from having a GREAT starting 5, with 2 legitimate Aces, a bullpen that is NAILS, a DH who is defying his age and injuries and hitting the cover off the ball, and everyone was playing hard and doing their job–and at the end of April, were 1st in the […]

    Red Sox 1, Twins 6:
    Let the Cluster Begin!

    So, after a spectacular April, which saw the Sox exceed expectations and end up with the best record in baseball Then, we get to May. Holy. Hell.. We are 8 days into the month and already they have been swept for the 1st time this season, have lost 4 of their last 5, lost not […]

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