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  • Archive for April, 2013

    April 30, 2013:
    The best record in baseball…

    Holy…Buckets! As you know, my prediction for the 2013 campaign was that the Sox would win 83 games–and not make the postseason. And I was alright with that–as long this team was a team I could like. Because, as we all are painfully aware, the Boston Red Sox hadn’t been very likable as of late… […]

    Red Sox 6, Oakland 5:
    Winning the Rubber Match…

    Despite the fact that Jon Lester did not have his best stuff, he gutted it out and kept the Sox in the game, pitching 5 2/3 innings of 3-run ball. The rest of his line: 115 pitches, 74 for strikes, giving up 6 hits (including a homer) while walking 6 (Yikes!) and striking out 5… […]

    Red Sox 0, Oakland 13:
    Invoking the Mercy Rule…

    When my stepdaughter played baseball, they had the mercy rule, where if you were ahead by 10 runs after 4 innings (or middle of the 3rd if you were the home team) the game would be called, so that the other team would not suffer further humiliation. Of course, this is little league, not major […]

    Red Sox 2, Royals 4,
    Red Sox 4, Royals 5:
    Ditching the Doubleheader

    Well, THAT could have gone better… And, frankly, it was only because Daniel Nava (who is leading the Sox hitting .326–Yeah, go back and read that again) jacked a 3-run shot in the 8th inning on Saturday that they won that game. The KC Royals are a much better team this year–and they snapped the […]

    Post #1301: Red Sox 6, Cleveland 3:
    Lots and LOTS of Red Dots…

    Shameless Plug: Join me tonight at 9:10pm, EST, as I sit down with Dave Mitchell of BBA Baseball Talk to talk chat Boston, the Red Sox, and Boston Red Thoughts. The show is broadcast on Ultimate Sports Talk and you can find it here. Then, just click on “Listen Live” and you’re all set. Hope […]

    Book Review: Closer:
    Major League Players Reveal the
    Inside Pitch on Saving the Game

    By Kevin Neary and Leigh A. Tobin The concept of a closer we know today–someone who comes into the game in the 9th inning to shut the door on the opposition, and get the win, its a relatively new concept. The first year a “save” was even a MLB stat was 1969 There have always […]

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