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  • February 28th, 2013

    Red Sox 16, Pittsburgh 6:
    First Title with Scores for 2013!

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:34 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    Holy Buckets! There is baseball being played! I can actually turn on MLB.tv and see a game!  I’ve started getting text message informing me if the Sox have won or lost (they are currently 3 and 4 on the season) and I got to watch John Lackey load the bases in his first start, as if the last year of Tommy John rehab never happened…Good Times!

    Speaking of good times, Jon Lester was very very good in his 2013 grapefruit league debut over the weekend, throwing 24 pitches, 17 for strikes, and had 2 perfect innings. I reallyREALLY hope he on back on the path of righteousness…

    Speaking of being on the path–it looks like David Ortiz, and Mike Napoli, still rehabbing their respective issues, are on the right track, with Napoli starting to run, and Big Papi, while not cleared to run quite yet, is on track with his normal batting practice schedule. He left camp yesterday for personal reasons, and is expected to return on Friday…

    Also back in the saddle is That Clay Person, who tweaked his hamstring during the first P & C workout, and will have his first Grapefruit start against the Twins on Saturday.

    Felix Doubront, rehabbing the shoulder inflammation, threw live batting practice earlier this week, a 2-inning simulated game yesterday, and will get HIS first start against Tampa Bay on Monday…

    But holy hell, Will Middlebrooks gave the nation a heart attack last night during the game against the cookies, when an awkward swing in the 1st inning tweaked the wrist he broke last year. For now, they are saying its nothing, and he actually has been cleared to resume all baseball activity without restriction. I reallyREALLY hope it is nothing, because we really need this kid–he has the potential to be a GREAT player–plus the fact that the depth at the Hot Corner is pretty nonexistent at this point..

    And we all know what happens when you need a 3rd baseman–teams do something drastic–like sign freaking A-Rod…

    But a welcome sight at camp this week was my beloved Mike Lowell (!!) who came to offer defensive assistance to Middlebrooks. He weighs in: “Pedroia wanted me to visit him. That was part one. I think Pedey talked to Will and said we communicated and worked well together turning double plays and said he wouldn’t mind doing some stuff. I don’t think it’s anything [Middlebrooks] does wrong. I love guys who might want to hear something else, because you never know what can trigger something good…We’re not going to reinvent the wheel. We’re just going to talk about stuff and hopefully it helps.”

    I miss Mike…

    It would appear that Jackie Bradley Jr, heir apparent to the Center Field if (when?) Jacoby Ellsbury heads to greener pastures is all that and a bag of chips. While I try not to get too excited about a kid who has never play a day in the bigs, there are a ton of signs that he could be a phenom; he also seems to “get” the whole concept of playing in the pressure cooker that is Boston baseball. Chad Finn shared this story: He was awarded the Greg Montalbano Award (for the greatest impact in the minor leagues for that season) at the Boston Baseball Writers dinner in the middle of January, and actually TOOK THE TIME to research who Montalbano was, so he could appreciate the award even more. Not too shabby for someone who is 22 years old.

    There is actually a movement out there in MLB that could potentially ban collisions at home plate. The resurgence of the issue is the result of the horrific collision and injuries to Giant’s catcher Buster Posey during the 2001 campaign. But honestly, how does one ban something like that? It’s the catcher’s job to catch the ball and protect the plate, all while trying to protect themselves…

    John Lackey made his 2nd start this afternoon, against the Pirates. In his 2 innings of work, he allowed three runs on three hits (including a homer). He also walked and struck out 1. So now his ERA is a sparkling 12.00 YIKES!

    Finally, Speaking of train wrecks, I was talking to my friend Paul from Boston he told me that Bobby Valentine is getting crucified by the Boston Press. Case in point: We all know he was recently appointed Athletic Director for Sacred Heart University in CT. The first question asked was WHY Bobby was there, and suggested it was a “joke” that Bobby got a job like this with no experience as an Athletic Director. Ouch. It was also ridiculously attended for a presser for an AD of a college, even if it is Division 1…

    Coming up: On Friday evening, the Sox host the Bucs, as Jon Lester makes his 2nd start of the season. Mike Napoli is expected to make his first start of the Grapefruit League of 2013, and his first start in a Red Sox uniform. Also look for the “all better now” Will Middlebrooks to be at 3rd base. First pitch: 7:05pm

    And one month tomorrow? REAL. LIVE, BASEBALL…Yay!

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 16, Pittsburgh 6:
    First Title with Scores for 2013!”

    1. Mitch Mitchell says:

      You know, this is the first thing I’ve seen mentioning Ortiz at all. I’m glad he’s almost there, but I hadn’t realized it was going to take him so long to get back.

      Me & my local Red Sox fans are worried about Lackey and pitching in general. We all hope we’re wrong.

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    3. Ninjavouchers.Co.Uk says:


      Boston Red ThoughtsRed Sox 16, Pittsburgh 6: First Title with Scores for 2013! | Boston Red Thoughts

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