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  • January 6th, 2013

    Book Review: Any Given Monday: Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them, for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches — Based on My Life in Sports Medicine.

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:52 pm in Baseball,Book Reviews Comment (1)

    By Dr. James R. Andrews, with Don Yeager.

    Any Given MondayWe all have a favorite MLB pitcher who has undergone Tommy John Surgery (and some of us, more than one) and then had to wait the obligatory 12-18 months rehab time, hoping that they would return to their previous form and dominance.

    Most of us who follow sports of any kind have heard of Dr. James R. Andrews–the guy the Sox send all the players with arm/elbow/shoulder issues–and we are usually filled with dread when we hear the player is headed to Alabama–cause if its bad enough for go to Dr. Andrews, it’s usually not a good sign…

    And what’s even worse is the prevalence of injuries to young, non-professional athletes, a number which is growing at an alarming rate. Young bodies not physiologically equipped to handle the rigorous training regimens that would challenge a pro athlete, which result in often irreparable damage. Overuse is also a very common problem with young athletes, not allowing for the proper rest and recovery time can be as damaging to a body as an specific injury

    Case in point, Dr. Andrews cites a day where he performed 8 Tommy John Surgeries. 2 of them were professional baseball players, 2 of them were college pitchers. But FOUR of them (!!) were young people from age 14-17! Tommy John Surgery on a 14 year old! I cannot even imagine. And yet today, this is commonplace in his field.

    Any Given Monday, (Monday is the consultation day at his facility) not only chronicles Dr. Andrews’ impressive sports medicine career spanning over 40 decades, but offers specific advice, as well as common sense suggestions of good training practices, and things to look out for in 25 of the most common sports young people participate in, from Dance (a sport common for eating disorders) to Skateboarding (proper padding and headgear is a must, as is proper maintenance of all equipment) to Volleyball (watch for joint issues in the lower body, and maintain proper form when playing).

    Dr. Andrews also debunks such myths as ” No Pain, No Gain” and “Fast pitch softball, with its windmill delivery, can’t produce injuries to the throwers shoulder or elbow”, or the most popular “Tommy John Surgery will improve pitching performance.” All of these are false.

    Available on Tuesday, January 8th, where all good books are sold, Any Given Monday is a must have book for any parent, grandparent, or coach of a young athlete. And all of Dr. Andrew’s proceeds from the sale of this book go to his STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Protection) Sports Injury Campaign. Check it out!

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