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  • December 13th, 2012

    December 13, 2012: 8 Red Thoughts…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:36 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comment (1)

    All over the map today, lotsa crazy little thoughts in the locker, so I offer them up for you reading enjoyment…

    1. So Youk is going to the Skanks, agreeing to a 1-year $12 million deal to play 3rd base while A-Fraud is out with his hip issues (No, never in a million years did I ever expect to type all of those words in the same sentence.) As I said on BRT’s Facebook Page, this is a worse betrayal than Johnny Damon–this is fracking YOUK. The man who continually got pummeled by Skankee pitching, especially Joba Chamberlain(would LOVE to be a fly on the wall for that meeting in the clubhouse) And LOVED Boston, and HATED the Skanks. Holy Hell…

    2. Shane Victorino’s debut happened today at noon, but the guy who was signed days before, Mike DeNapoli, still remains unsigned. Apparently, the Sox are trying to protect themselves with some injury language in his contract, and I guess it much be a sticking point…

    3. Holy Hell, part 2–despite the fact that the Sox signed Victorino and (maybe) DeNapoli, they are STILL talking to Nick Swisher. I don’t even have the words for how awful I think this is. And I guess my question is: If you’re going to talk to THAT idiot, WHY ARE THE NOT TALKING TO CODY ROSS ANYMORE???? Whaaaaa

    4. Oh, and while we are at it, can we stop it with the Brian Wilson “Fear the Beard” stuff? We don’t need no stinking egomaniacs…The Sox need dirt dogs, guys who will play hard, have a good time, and get it done….

    5. Well, the Sox seem to have signed Ryan Dempster who would fit really nicely into the rotation as a 3rd starter. He turned down a 2-year, $25 million deal last week–I heard he wants a “Red Sox Special”–3-year, $13 million per, But the new deal is 2 years, $26.5 million. I guess the extra million and a half was the tipping point. But what concerns me is he will be 36 in May, and $26.5 million seems pretty generous for a pitcher some believe is better suited to the National League…But one good thing is he is a horse who eats innings–something the Sox have desperately been lacking as of late…

    6. Remember Gary DeSarcina? He was a color guy for NESN for a season, and then went off to manage the Lowell Spinners, and then went to work for the Angels? Well, he is being unveiled as the new manager of the PawSox this weekend, replacing Tory Lovullo who is now John Farrell’s Bench Coach…

    7. How’s about Holy Hell #3? Apparently, Johnny Damon was asked to be part of the 2004 reunion at Fenway last season. Fair enough. But the only way he would agree to it is if the Sox PUT HIM ON THE ROSTER. Yes, the man who bailed on the Nation, went to the Skanks, said they were better than the Sox, then REFUSED a trade to the Sox in 2010 when he was with Detroit, expected Ben to jump right up and let him fracking PLAY??? Are you #^%#@^%#@ KIDDING me???

    8. Finally, fellow BBA-er, Dan from The Ball Caps Blog did an article recently about the little known Baseball Holiday–The Baseball Solstice, which this year, happens to fall on Christmas Day. Definitely worth the read–Check it out!

    Coming up: The Sox continue to try and get the deal done with Mike Napoli. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as the “deal” to get “compensation” for Theo (if you can call it that.) We are at 9 days–and counting…

    61 Days to Pitchers and Catchers, and 12 Shopping Days till Christmas!

    One Response to “December 13, 2012: 8 Red Thoughts…”

    1. Dan says:

      Thanks for the mention. Enjoy the solstice season! Dan.

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