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  • November 12th, 2012

    November 12, 2012:
    Signing the Wrong Ross…

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:26 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    When I saw the Sox signed a Ross over the weekend, I was so happy there were able to resign my beloved Cody Ross–and then I see they signed veteran catcher DAVID Ross from Atlanta to a 2-year contract.


    So now, all of a sudden, the Sox have THREE good catchers, any of which could be excellent trade bait, as good catchers, are a pretty scarce commodity. And we all know that the Sox need stuff–most notably a 1st baseman, outfield help, and pitching, pitching, and more pitching…

    While I understand the reasoning, I was hoping that Lavarnway was the Sox catcher of the future–and he may still be. But, unfortunately, he struggled mightily in his end of the season call up, only hitting .157 in 166 at bats. A very small sample size, yes, but it is troubling…

    Well, there is one positive thing about sucking: Its gets you closer to the top in the June Draft. The Sox get the #7 overall pick next year. But the thing is, if the Sox sign a qualified free agent (a player who was offered, and declined the $13.3 million, 1 year contract by their former team), they would lose their 2nd round pick.

    There are 8 free agents who are on this list (David Ortiz was also on this list, but signed with the Sox after declining the qualifying offer):

    Josh Hamilton: Too many injuries, too much baggage–and he wants like 6-7 years, $100-200(!!) million

    Nick Swisher: UGH. No, No, a THOUSAND TIMES NO…

    Adam LaRoche: Possible, the Sox do need a 1st baseman

    Hiroki Kuroda: Would be nice–he did a great job for the Skanks in 2012–and the Sox have more payroll flexibility than they did last year–but he wants a 2-3 year deal–and he will be 38 in February…

    BJ Upton: He feels like Carl Crawford 2.0 to me–plays great for the team he is with, then sucks when he goes elsewhere.

    Michael Bourn: A lot of things would have to happen for the Sox to go after him, starting with getting rid of Jacoby Ellsbury—probably not likely

    Kyle Lohse: Possible, and my favorite of the bunch–as long as he doesn’t want crazy money/years–although after his 16-3, 2.86 ERA 2012 season with the Cardinals–he’ll probably be able to get crazy money–even if he IS 34…

    Rafael Soriano: He did a great job filling in for the injured Mariano Rivera in 2012, but he is looking for a multi-year deal

    While Ben Cherington did say that for “the right player”, the Sox would be willing to give up their 2nd round pick. So the question is: are any of these guys worth the pick?

    Speaking of being worth it, Satan held court at the GM meetings last week, and of course Jake came up. The Sox still have control of the center fielder for 2013 in the form of salary arbitration. He made $8 million in 2012, and more than likely he will get a boost from that (I’m thinking $11-12 million) for 2013…It will be interesting to see what kind of year he has this year. If it’s like his MVP-caliber one in 2011, his free agent contract could be historic, if it’s more like 2012 (injured 1/2 the season, OK the rest), not so much. Although, even if he has another exceptional season, the history of his injuries–when he gets hurt, he gets HURT–and is out for a significant amount of time–could mitigate any massive payout…

    Boras is probably printing the dossiers as we speak…

    Not surprising, Bullpen Coach Gary Tuck will remain with the Sox for his 7th season. And while Tuck and the ballclub has a mutual option for 2013, the Sox opted to renegotiate his contract to undisclosed terms…The Sox will continued their search for the remaining coaching positions: Hitting and 1st base…

    The BBWAA Awards start this week, with Today’s Awards being Rookie of the Year for both leagues–and neither winner is any type of surprise: Mike Trout became the youngest winner ever in the AL, and won by a UNANIMOUS vote. Yep, all 28 writers were in agreement. Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes, and the Ranger’s Yu Darvish placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

    In the NL, the race was a bit tighter, but Bryan Harper beat out Wake Miley of the Diamondbacks, and the Reds Todd Frazier for the honors with 16 1st place votes. He too was the youngest position player to ever win the award in the NL…

    Finally, if you’re a stat junkie, a student of the game, or interested in the Hall of Fame (or know someone who is–Christmas IS, after all, only 43 days away…), check out the newly published book, Auditioning for Cooperstown: Rating Baseball’s Stars for the Hall of Fame, by Andre Lower

    Using only regular season careers, the 3,000 plus qualifying players are systematically evaluated for the Hall of Fame, equally rated by total career production, peak seasons (their top 5 seasons) production and positional dominance (were they the best players at their position when they played?). Using think kind of system levels the playing field between disparate players such as Sandy Koufax and Don Sutton, both equally qualified for the Hall of Fame.

    The tome also addresses such issues as steroids and gambling, in the player commentaries section for the affected players. These and other observations make the 550 player commentaries memorable reading.

    Auditioning for Cooperstown: Rating Baseball’s Stars for the Hall of Fame is available exclusively at Amazon. in both paperback and Kindle formats. Check it out!

    Coming up:  Tomorrow are the Manager of the Year Awards for both the AL and the the NL…

    And we are under 100 days to Pitchers and Catchers (approx 97)…

    2 Responses to “November 12, 2012:
    Signing the Wrong Ross…”

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