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  • October 2nd, 2012

    Red Sox 2, Skanks 10:
    Constant Evolution…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:58 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Honestly, just when I think the Boston Red Sox could not sink any lower, or embarrass us further–another chapter in the “Red Sox Train Wreck Tour” happens…

    This time, it’s where That Clay Person gives up EIGHT RUNS IN ONE INNING. Actually, it was only 7–But then Alfredo Aceves (remember when we used to think he cared, and was a lifesaver? Now I feel like he is tanking on purpose, because he’s in a snit about SOMETHING…) comes in, and not only allows the 8th run to score, but adds a NINTH to the 2nd inning…and of course its a 2-run shot to his nemesis, Mark Toxemia

    Really–you can’t make this sh*t up…

    And after that, you could hear a million television sets go “click” across Red Sox Nation.

    Because, really, how much more do they thing we can take, or even stand at this point? The team went on about how they were going to get inspiration by playing spoilers for the remainder of the season. Is this your idea of spoilers? Fielding the PawSox against the Skanks?

    THIS was the lineup Bobby Valentine put out there for last night’s contest:

    2B Ciriaco

    LF Nava

    RF Ross

    1B Gomez

    DH Lavarnway

    C Saltalamacchia

    3B Valencia

    CF Lin

    SS Iglesias

    With the exception of Daniel Nava, my beloved Cody Ross, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, the rest of them are minor league guys. Sure, Lavarnway and Inglesias are the boys of the future–but Holy Hell, I never ever HEARD of the rest of them before their call-ups this year…

    And, if you have the stomach for it, here is the rest of That Clay Person’s line: 1.2 IP, throwing 56 pitches, 37 for strikes, giving up 8 runs on 6 hits (including THREE homers) while walking 2 and striking out 2. So, if you look at it. EVERYONE who got on base, by walk or hit, scored against Buchholtz.


    Speaking of, Dustin Pedroia has an “avulsion fracture” in his left ring finger, an injury he got while sliding into 2nd base over the weekend. I expect that once he heals, it will not impact him further…and despite the pain, and the fact that it JUST DOESN’T MATTER–he is in the lineup tonight–Now THERE is a gamer..

    I know I have said this before–but I really don’t know what to say anymore–this is BEYOND painful, beyond, embarrassing, beyond pissing me off…Its. Just…LAME.

    Finally, here is a feel good story: 7 years ago, after struggling to make to to the Show, Adam Greenberg, in his first major league at bat as a pinch hitter for the Cubs, was hit in the helmet, resulting in 2 YEARS of post-concussion symptoms (Can’t even imagine–I had 6 weeks of them once, and it was horrible). After that, he big-league playing career was effectively over.

    Until today, where, having signed a 1-day contract with the Miami Marlins, will have a single at bat in their contest tonight–against the Mets and R.A. Dickey, who knows a little something about overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Its a great story; sweet and sad, and lovely–and worth the read…

    Coming up: Game 2 of this series vs the Skanks, with Jon Lester getting his final start of the year, opposed by David Phelps. 1st pitch: 7:05. I suppose if there was a best chance to win ONE game before the season ends, it will be this one–although I am not holding out much hope…

    Just want this DONE, and Bobby Valentine, GONE.

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