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  • Archive for September, 2012

    September 11, 2012:
    Going Way Beyond a Total Cluster…

    Last week I mentioned that they Sox were kicking off a 3-game series against the only team in the AL East that were worse than them: Toronto. I also said, give them time, and that will probably change. And, oh, did it change. After being SWEPT by the Blue Jays, the Sox are now DEAD […]

    Book Review:
    Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in
    Sports and Life, By Garrett Kramer

    We have all heard sports players who are not being successful on the field described as “struggling”, or “pressing”, or “trying to do too much”. And may of us were taught (myself included) as long as you worked as hard as you can, and keep on going for it, that things will usually work out […]

    Red Sox 1, Seattle 2:
    Going Way Beyond Collapse

    In past years, when the Sox have played poorly, and have lost, either expectedly, or unexpectedly, more often than not, it broke my heart…and I would be calling my friend Paul from Boston, to ask him to save me a spot on the Tobin Bridge… There will be no stinkin’ Tobin Bridge this year.  This […]

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