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  • September 25th, 2012

    September 25, 2012:
    7. More. Games…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:12 pm in Baseball,Giveaways,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    And whomever did the scheduling for this final week of the 2012 campaign MUST have been smoking something: THREE off-days (including a SUNDAY!)in a 10 day span. I know it’s a contrivance so the Sox play their last 3 games in October against the Skanks–but it’s just lame.

    Pull the trigger on this season, and let’s be DONE with it…So we can start bitching about the Red Sox offseason, and how many more MONTHS until Opening Day 2013–and actively hoping that this horribleness will NOT continue…

    And Red Sox Front Office: Please, Please PLEASE, freaking FIRE BOBBY VALENTINE–Pronto…

    Please explain to me, WHY OH WHY is Daisuke getting the final start of the season, next Wednesday’s game against the Skanks? Bobby V is actually saying he is being “lined up” for this start. W. T. F? It’s not like his revolting 1-6 record, and 7.68 ERA has earned him anything but a 1 way ticket home. Apparently the fan base hasn’t been tortured enough this year? Daisuke is DONE, has been DONE, and the best thing the Sox could do is just give him his money and send him on his way…but NO, let’s trot him out there for the 1 2/3 inning he’ll pitch, give up 5 runs, and then be done…Perhaps this is Bobby’s final F**k you to everyone…who freaking knows..

    So every year, I say that Ryan Kalish will man right field for the Boston Red Sox, and have a MONSTER year. And every year, something happens, most often injuries. Last offseason, he had shoulder surgery, which was supposed to have him all ready to go for 2012-and then the unexpected side effects of his surgery–weakness in his neck and shoulder, have limited his play significantly–and unless something drastic happens, he will not play again this year…I really hope he can get on some strength and conditioning program in the offseason, and we will get the see the player he is meant to be…

    Hardware Update: The minor league awards were given out this week, with 19 year old Xander Bogaerts awarded Offensive Player of the Year and 22 year old Jackie Bradley Jr., Defensive Player of the Year. Other awards include: The Minor League Pitcher of the Year award which went to Brandon Workman, and Daniel Nava won garnered the Lou Gorman Award for dedication and perseverance.

    Honestly, do the Red Sox REALLY think that giving season ticket holders, who pay THOSANDS of dollars for their tickets, 5 swings against a pitching machine on the field at Fenway, will make this better? And concessions will be half price! Whoo Hoo! They are still overpriced. This will happen Oct 5, 7 and 8 from 9 to 9…Whatever…

    Finally, Congratulations to Juliana, Paul from Boston, Frank Coffey and JLD, who all won copies of the Fenway Park: 100 Years as the Heart of Red Sox Nation Documentary DVD, and Congratulations to Kurt Smith from E-Ballpark Guides, who is the proud owner of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Collector’s DVD Set. Enjoy!

    Coming up: The Sox play their final 2 games at home, and against Tampa Bay for the 2012 season. That Clay Person gets the start in Game 1, opposed by Rays Ace David Price. The Sox will also be honoring the 2004 World Series Team, which is best reason to watch tonight–I hope Pokey Reese surfaces. 1st pitch 7:10pm…

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