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  • September 7th, 2012

    Book Review:
    Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in
    Sports and Life, By Garrett Kramer

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:26 am in Book Reviews No Comments

    9781582703886We have all heard sports players who are not being successful on the field described as “struggling”, or “pressing”, or “trying to do too much”. And may of us were taught (myself included) as long as you worked as hard as you can, and keep on going for it, that things will usually work out the way they are supposed to.

    But what if what we were taught to believe all these years was flawed? That by trying to force our thoughts, emotions, and feelings to bend to some outside stimuli, whether it be someone else’s ideas, or our idea of what things “should be”, we actually make things worse, and more difficult?

    Stillpower examines these actions, and offers a different perspective on how to approach challenges and difficulties, both on the field and off.

    What struck me first in Stillpower was in Garrett Kramer’s preface, where he asks his reader to “…do not try hard to grasp the concepts..do not study (the concepts)..turn off your intellect and absorb the ideas…” Don’t over think.

    Garrett Kramer offers a concept, while seemingly easy to understand and relate to in theory, flies in the face of most things we are taught to believe–that if you look at everything with a clear and still mind, acknowledging emotions, good or bad, without acting on them, and don’t TRY to do anything, you will achieve success.

    The definition of Stillpower: The clarity of mind to live with freedom and ease; the inner source of excellence; the opposite of willpower.

    A stunning concept, and one that intrigues me, as I am one of those people who tries and thinks–all the time…This book was an easy read, and the concepts make so much sense, I cannot wait to apply them to myself, and how I interact with people.

    Available where all good books are sold, Stillpower is not only a great book for folks who enjoy or participate in any type of sport, but can be applied to all facets of life, from coaching to parenting, to the business world. Check it out!

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