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  • Archive for September, 2012

    Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 4:
    The All Fenway Team – The Results Show…

    Since the 2012 version of the Old Towne Team couldn’t even scratch out a win on their final homestand, and now share the worst season Home Record with their 1965 counterparts, I don’t really want to go there. And honestly, do we really want to talk about Bobby Valentine’s pathetic bravado about being around next […]

    Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 5:
    A Study in Contrasts…

    Boy, was there ever an extreme situation in play last night.   One of (if not THE) WORST Red Sox teams in history, honoring the team that is probably one of (if not THE) BEST Red Sox teams in History, the 2004 squad. A good portion of the sacred 25-ish were on hand last night, […]

    September 25, 2012:
    7. More. Games…

    And whomever did the scheduling for this final week of the 2012 campaign MUST have been smoking something: THREE off-days (including a SUNDAY!)in a 10 day span. I know it’s a contrivance so the Sox play their last 3 games in October against the Skanks–but it’s just lame. Pull the trigger on this season, and […]

    Red Sox 5, Tampa Bay 2:
    A Win for Aaron Cook

    Holy Buckets! The world must REALLY be ending! Aaron Cook actually got his first win since August 6th, improving (if that word even works here) his record to 4-10 for the 2012 campaign–UGH… His pretty impressive line: 6 IP, throwing 75 pitches, 47 for strikes, giving up 1 run on 5 hits while walking and […]

    September 17, 2012:
    Fenway Park 100 Year Anniversary DVD Giveaways

    It’s that time again, where A & E Video has released some very cool DVD collections, and the readers of Boston Red Thoughts have the opportunity to be the very first folks on their block to own them! And these are some pretty amazing ones. Once I get my copies, I will be writing a […]

    Red Sox 4, Skanks 3:
    Doing the Spoiler Thing…

    While I certainly am not thrilled about the fact that the Sox have been unspeakably awful for the 2012 campaign, and have been reduced to playing spoiler for the contenting teams, even in a bad year, beating the Skanks feels good. And the fact that it messes with their cake, all the better. Despite giving […]

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