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  • August 9th, 2012

    Red Sox 9, Rangers 10:
    Another Day, Another Oh So Crappy Outing…

    Posted by Christine E. at 2:43 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    As I was saying on Facebook yesterday, (and I have said this a billion times before.) remember when Josh Beckett used to start, and we always expected him to win, and if for some reason he didn’t we were all shocked? Josh Beckett WON–and when he didn’t, he would man up, and take the loss on his shoulders, even if it wasn’t really his fault.

    Holy…Buckets…What a difference a couple of years makes.

    Now, we HOPE he wins, but when he loses (and often in spectacular fashion) we are not the least bit surprised. And we get to hear how he felt “strong” in his outing. Honestly, Josh, do you REALLY think we give a frack if you felt strong when you are channeling John Wasdin, and giving up THREE homers in 5+ innings? And what about the rest of this line: 8 RUNS on 8 hits while walking and striking out 2 each…

    And what the HELL in Bobby Valentine doing, leaving him IN to give up that many runs??? 2 weeks ago it was ELEVEN for Jon Lester, and Josh had given up SIX runs through 5–and you thought it would be a GOOD idea to trot his ass out there for the 6th? Really?

    While I will not place all the blame Bobby Valentine for the sh*tful season the Sox are having–he still needs to go–where the hell is the brilliant baseball mind? He is not even being interesting and self-absorbed anymore…

    No, the blame can be shared among the apathy of a number of the players, the massive and record-setting injuries, a GM who apparently doesn’t have the stomach to make the hard decisions, and the ownership who are totally oblivious to the hole this team is digging itself into, deeper and deeper, every day…

    My friend Paul from Boston sent me a note today, saying that he thinks the Sox may start to spiral now, and that it could get nasty. I say bring it on, because if there is crashing and burning to be had, we might as well have some mudslinging to go with it…

    And perhaps some of it will hit people who truly DESERVE it, unlike Terry Francona…

    And for those of you who are saying “but they are only 5.5 games behind the in the Wild Card…”   Please. Stop.

    And before you accuse me of not being supportive of my team, understand this: I have been a Sox fan in the middle of Yankeeland for 30+ years, through thick and thin–and I reallyREALLY hate being this cranky about the Red Sox, I really do, but I CANNOT be optimistic and supportive to a bunch of grown men who make more money that I will ever seen in my lifetime to play a children’s game, when I KNOW that a bunch of them just…don’t…care…

    Finally, Josh Mitchell of Wickid Pissa Publicity has released a new short film Out For Buckner about Tony Tapler, a former Boston radio personality who decides he is going to get rid of “The Curse of The Bambino” by himself, by traveling to Idaho, find Bill Buckner, and convince him to come to Hollywood to star in a community theater version of “No, No Nanette”. Good stuff–check it out!

    Coming up: Hopefully Felix Doubront’s meltdown of last week was a one-time thing, and that he pitches better tonight to kick off this 4-game series against Cleveland, and this 10-game road trip. He is opposed by Ubaldo Jimenez. 1st pitch: 7:05pm..

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