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  • July 14th, 2012

    July 14, 2012: Baseball Bloggers Alliance
    Selects New President

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:09 am in BBBA No Comments

    The Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) , the top organization of baseball bloggers, announced today that Bill Ivie would replace Daniel Shoptaw as the president of the group.

    Ivie, who writes at I70 Baseball and Full Spectrum Baseball, is no stranger to large groups, having been an assignment editor at Baseball Digest in the past, as well as an active member of the United Cardinal Bloggers. Ivie also is the organizer of Ivie League Productions, under which label the BBA has its weekly show, BBA Baseball Talk featuring David Mitchell. Ivie’s voice can be heard weekly on Gateway To Baseball Heaven, as part of the Seamheads Podcasting Network.

    “It is an honor and a pleasure to accept this position. Daniel Shoptaw has done an amazing job cultivating this group and I look forward to working with everyone involved to help the organization grow and move forward consistently.”

    Shoptaw, the founder of the BBA, started the group in the fall of 2009 and has watched it grow to include hundreds of members. Born out of a couple of personal projects, the Alliance quickly expanded to cover every MLB team and also included blogs with more of a general baseball approach or those that covered a specific aspect of the game, such as fantasy baseball or minor league baseball.

    For his part, Shoptaw still plans to be involved with the organization but will focus more of his time on other projects, such as his blog C70 At The Bat and its related podcast Conversations With C70, his leadership of the United Cardinal Bloggers, and his weekly appearances on Gateway To Baseball Heaven.

    Shoptaw stated, “It was time to move on. I appreciate all the members of the BBA and what they have done to strengthen this organization. It truly is a world-class collection of talent and I’m proud to know all of them. I’ve known Bill for a long time and I know that he will provide extreme amounts of energy and leadership in this role. I look forward to seeing what the next few years hold for the Alliance!”

    The Baseball Bloggers Alliance can be found on Facebook, on Twitter, or can be reached via email at baseballbloggeralliance@gmail.com.

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