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  • Archive for June, 2012

    Red Sox 6, Toronto 9:
    A Rocky Start…

    While we all know that poor pitching in last night’s contest was the main reason for the Red Sox loss–I bet that Kevin Youkilis got a small measure of satisfaction that his replacement made an error that resulted in 2 unearned runs, and contributed to the Red Sox loss… And oh what crappy pitching it […]

    Book Review: Ozzie’s School of Management:
    Lessons from The Dugout, The Clubhouse, and
    The Doghouse, by Rick Morrissey.

    When I was asked to review Ozzie’s School of Management for BRT, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to get a glimpse into the craziness that is the larger than life Ozzie Guillen… What I was expecting was certainly not what I got. I expected a biographical tome, chronicling all the madness and controversy that […]

    Red Sox 15, Marlins 5:
    More Games Like This…

    Well, it’s certainly nice to know that the Sox can actually SCORE a whole bunch of runs–I thought the 7 run innings were a thing of the past–although they happen FAR too infrequently for my taste…And what was neat is it was a cycle of homers for 10 of the runs: A grand slam for […]

    Red Sox 7, Marlins 5:
    Welcome Back Cody Ross…

    It’s no secret that Cody Ross is my new favorite player. I liked him back when he played with the Giants–he knows how to play the game right, and, like one of my previous favorites, Mike Lowell, always seems to be right there when good things happen. That’s why I was so happy when the […]

    June 19, 2012:
    Some Random Thoughts…

    Some Randomness while we wait for the Sox to continue their torrid (or maybe not so torrid) path to over .500 baseball–we hope…The Sox stand at 33-33, with 96 games to go… So, for the Sox to win a respectable 90 games for the 2012 campaign, they need to win 57 of their next 96–or […]

    Red Sox 2, Marlins 1:
    Clay Buchholz. Stopper?

    Holy Buckets! Did anyone else ever think That Clay Person would emerge as a possible Ace for the Boston Red Sox? OK, way back when he threw the no-hitter in his rookie year, we all had high hopes–but then we dealt with 4 seasons of “just on the brink of brilliance and destruction, depending on […]

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