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  • Archive for May, 2012

    Book Review: Extra Innings
    by Bruce E. Spitzer

    There has been a ongoing debate about what would Ted Williams’ stats have been like if he hadn’t went to war during the prime of his career–would he have bettered his still untouched .406 batting average? Would he have gotten the Red Sox a World Series win before 2004? There is also an ongoing debate […]

    Red Sox 6, Oreos 9, in 17 Innings:
    Complete and Pure Unadulterated CRAP

    So, apparently, the Red Sox didn’t feel that being swept by the Baltimore Orioles in 27 innings was enough torture for their fans. I guess they thought: “Hey! Let’s play THIRTY-NINE Innings, totally trash and decimate our bullpen, which has actually been doing ok, considering most of our starters can’t seem to get to the […]

    Red Sox 2, Oakland 4:
    Struggling to .500…

    How sad is it, that, despite a 6-game win streak ON THE ROAD, and then actually being AT HOME, where, I don’t know, the Sox are supposed to be BETTER, that they cannot seem to beat Oakland, who is batting .214 as a team? OK, who had May 2nd in the Kevin Youkilis Injury Pool…I […]

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