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  • Archive for May, 2012

    Red Sox 5, Phillies 1:
    2 out of 3 is More than Acceptable…

    Could have went with “Ain’t Bad”, and while I am a fan of Meatloaf (although I am a “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” kind of a girl) thought that was the easy way out…And did you know that Meatloaf’s actual name is Meatloaf? Yep, he had it legally changed a bunch of years ago… Truth […]

    Red Sox 1, Tampa Bay 2:
    Beat on the Balks…

    My humblest apologies to the Ramones for the bastardization of their classic: “Beat on the Brat”, which, since the next lyric is “with a baseball bat” is completely appropriate in this instance… It’s bad enough when the Sox play well, and get beat by the other team, but when they beat themselves, especially with something […]

    Red Sox 5, Seattle 0:
    A Non-Sucking Josh Beckett…

    Well, it’s nice to know that Josh Beckett still has SOMETHING in the tank…Although as far as I am concerned, all is not better between Joshua and Red Sox Nation. He needs to make about 10 more quality starts and stop acting like an entitled jerk, and then we’ll talk… On his 32nd birthday (hard […]

    Red Sox 6, Mariners 1:
    Happy Birthday, Boston Red Thoughts!

    Yes, today, Boston Red Thoughts turns 6, and if you had told me back in 2006 that I would still be blogging, and at nearly 1200 blog post, a Facebook page, a Twitter Account, and be President of the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance to boot, I would have said you were a […]

    Book Review: Major League Dads:
    Baseball’s Best Players Reflect on the Fathers
    Who Inspired Them to Love the Game

    by Kevin Neary and Leigh A. Tobin When I was a young girl, I played Little League softball for 4 years, playing a variety of positions, and even making the All-Star team one year. And while my dad wasn’t my formal coach, (he and my mom did sponsor my team one year, though), many hours […]

    Red Sox 4, Kansas City 6:
    Can’t even beat the crappy teams…

    Remember when the Sox had pitchers like Curt Schilling, and Pedro, and even Josh Beckett a couple of year ago? These were pitchers that, when they came up in the rotation, you always expected them to win, and when they didn’t, you were shocked. The Boston Red Sox don’t have ANY of those pitchers anymore. […]

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