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  • May 22nd, 2012

    Red Sox 8, Oreos 6:
    Holy Buckets! .500 Baseball

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:43 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    This. Is. So. Sad.

    It took the Sox until May 21st. MAY 21st. To climb back to .500. I can even remember the last time they were here…UGH

    And last night’s win was no thanks to That Clay Person, who had a 31 pitch meltdown in the 3rd inning, coughing up 4 runs… He managed to hang on a couple more innings, but Holy Hell, if he is going to be AT ALL successful he needs to get it together and throw the damn ball…

    The rest of his damn line: 5 1/3 innings, giving up 5 runs on 6 hits (including a homer), while walking 4 and striking out 2. He threw 94 pitches, 57 for strikes, and has a spectacular 7.84 ERA. Ducky…

    But for a refreshing change of pace, the Sox were able to score when Tommy Hunter BALKED in last night’s contest…

    So, I think the Sox are going for the record. How many players can land on the DL before the team totally collapses on itself. Because I don’t see Ben Cherington DOING anything, and now my beloved Cody Ross is on the DL with a “non-displaced fracture of the navicular bone in his left foot” And in ENGLISH, that means–6-8 weeks, and MAYBE he won’t need surgery…this is the same injury Dustin Pedroia had that requires the screw in his foot that annoyed him all last year…Freaking marvelous…

    And Jake and Carl Crawford (remember him???) MIGHT be back in July, but until then…From Ben: “We’ve looked at different things, internally and externally. We’ll continue to do that. We’re looking for ways to upgrade. We’ve been banged up in the outfield before today. We were looking for ways to upgrade if we could; we’ll continue to do that, but there’s nothing imminent.” Nice…

    Looks like Kevin Youkilis will be back tonight, and since the Sox are pretty much without an outfield, Will Middlebrooks will be staying…And it’s going to get VERY interesting in terms on manning the outfield–there is talk about Adrian Gonzales being out there again, after a successful stint on RF in Philadelphia, although I think they would move him to Left at Fenway, as it’s much easier to deal with than the wacky right field…

    Daisuke, recovering from the cortisone shot in his right trapezuis muscle, will rest for 7 days, and then more than likely resume his rehab starts–and at that point, the 30 day clock starts again. Daisuke weighs in: “The same area maybe flared up about three weeks ago. The same symptoms seemed to clear up, but they came back again. It restricts my movement. That’s why I got the shot and hopefully it gets better from here. My rehab, so far, has been going really well. It is a setback, and it’s a little disappointing, but hopefully the shot takes care of it and I can continue my rehab from there.” It’s been less than a year since he had his Tommy John Surgery….

    Today’s Neato stat: Guess who is the BEST catcher in the AL right now? Yep, our boy, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who leads all AL catchers in slugging (.565) and OPS (.301) and is hitting .278 with 7 homers, and 19 RBI’s…

    Coming up: Game 2 of the 3 Game series, Felix Doubront goes for his 5th win of the season, opposed by Brian Matusz. 1st pitch: 7:05pm

    Do you ya think maybe we could stay at or above .500, for at least a little while?

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