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  • May 8th, 2012

    Book Review: Extra Innings
    by Bruce E. Spitzer

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:30 pm in Baseball,Book Reviews,Red Sox No Comments

    5838127There has been a ongoing debate about what would Ted Williams’ stats have been like if he hadn’t went to war during the prime of his career–would he have bettered his still untouched .406 batting average? Would he have gotten the Red Sox a World Series win before 2004?

    There is also an ongoing debate (which has quieted down in the last few years) about whether or not Ted Williams really wanted to be cryogenically frozen to later be brought back to life if the technology was ever available. His son said yes, his daughter, no.

    In Bruce E. Spitzer’s book, Extra Innings, both questions are answered.

    It’s 2092, ninety years after Ted’s death, and subsequent freezing, his head has been selected to be re-attached to a donor body, to see if in fact Ted Williams can be brought back to life. The complicated surgery is done by Dr. Elizabeth Miles, a single mother to a young son, Johnnie, and is a complete success.

    Ted Williams, who is now 174 years old, has been reborn. And what a world it is. Fenway Park is now Fenway Island, the Boston Red Sox haven’t won a World Series in 60 years, and the Pitcher has been replaced by a Botwinder–a mechanical computerized pitcher who was created to combat the rampant PED use by players. Unfortunately, to keep up with the Botwinders, a drug cocktail was created, perpetuating the vicious cycle.

    And the United States is still at war. But now, Afghanistan is an ally, and Pakistan is the enemy…

    Regretting the distant relationship with his children, his contentious past with the media, and fans, and his desire to win a World Series, Extra Innings is the story of Ted Williams’ 2nd lease on life (literally) and where his journey takes him.

    Expertly researched, and wonderfully written, the story pulls you in from the 1st page, getting you wholly invested in this future world–and it’s a completely believable one. The science and the military aspects of the book are fascinating and intelligent without being too complicated to understand. I was actually sad when the book ended; I felt that I had gotten a private look into the man, myth and legend that was Ted Williams, like getting to know a good friend…

    Available where all good books are sold, Extra Innings is the perfect book for the Sci Fi or baseball fan in your life. And if you are a Red Sox or Ted Williams fan, it’s a must read. Because of some of the salty language and adult themes, I would say PG-13 would be a good guideline if you are thinking about it for a young person. Check it out!

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