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  • Archive for May, 2012

    Red Sox 6, Tigers 3,
    Climbing over .500…

    Holy Buckets! Never in a million years did I think Daniel Bard would beat reigning Cy Young/MVP Justin Verlander, who is looking a bit human these days (gave up 5 runs on 10 hits–a season high), but he DID… Although, to be more accurate, it was Daniel Nava (LOVE him!) who beat him, stroking a […]

    Post 1200: Red Sox 7, Tigers 4:
    Back to .500—for the 752nd Time…

    Actually, its only the 6th time…it just FEELS like 752–and as I have said, repeatedly, we are almost to JUNE, and more than 25% into the season, stepping up and back to a measly .500, and STILL dead last in the division, and the Cookies are STILL in 1st place (Tied with Tampa Bay)…YUK… But […]

    Book Review: Starting and Closing:
    Perseverance, Faith, and One More Year

    By John Smoltz, with Don Yaeger I have always liked John Smoltz, even way back when he was a starter, then a closer, and then a starter, for the Atlanta Braves, during their amazing run of 11 division titles though a good deal of the 90’s. So when he signed with the Sox in 2009, […]

    May 26, 2012: 21st Annual Jimmy Fund
    Fantasy Day slated for June 16th…

    On June 16th, at Fenway Park, hundreds of local baseball fanatics will take the field for Jimmy Fund Fantasy Day to raise funds and awareness for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund. The day-long annual event attracts baseball fans of all ages to experience the excitement of playing in the shadow of the […]

    Red Sox 6, Oreos 5:
    Back and Forth to .500…

    I reallyREALLY hope the 2012 campaign isn’t a dance around .500, with one day they are there, and the next they are not….and about a 1/4 of the way through the season, I never in a million years would have thought that the Sox would be 22-22. But then again, I never thought the Cookies […]

    Red Sox 8, Oreos 6:
    Holy Buckets! .500 Baseball

    This. Is. So. Sad. It took the Sox until May 21st. MAY 21st. To climb back to .500. I can even remember the last time they were here…UGH And last night’s win was no thanks to That Clay Person, who had a 31 pitch meltdown in the 3rd inning, coughing up 4 runs… He managed […]

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