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  • April 3rd, 2012

    Red Sox 4, Nationals 2:
    N. I. N. E.

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:37 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (7)

    That is the number of players, so far, that are on the DL to begin the 2012 Campaign…

    And in honor of this, I offer you 9 reasons why I have this horrible feeling this season is going to be a train wreck—or at least a 3 car pileup…(Can 3 cars BE a pileup?)

    And no, not ALL nine are about Bobby Valentine–there is a boatload of concern to go around…

    1. The season hasn’t even started, and Bobby Valentine is kvetching with everyone, from Curt Schilling (although he was restrained in his response with regard to Curt: “I just consider the source when I hear stuff like that.”) to Joe Girardi, to Ozzie Guillen, to freaking Terry Francona (remember the “prohibition is PR” stuff?) Fact: Bobby Valentine is a brilliant baseball guy, but his ego/personality is a show stopper…UGH. I. Miss. Tito…

    2. (This should probably be 1A, but it’s my list) And I cannot tell you how AWFUL it is to see players leaking stories, and then Bobby V having cryptic press conferences dancing around issues, and then backing away. It makes the Red Sox look like a bunch of idiots–and KILLS their credibility. I have said it before, and I am sure I will be saying it again: Bobby, you need to SHUT IT…

    3. (Again, probably 1B…) According to Alfredo Aceves, who insists he is not mad that he was passed over as a starter, Bobby Valentine told him that Bard got the slot because the front office was set on the idea, and the Doubront got it because he is a lefty. Now, maybe Valentine didn’t say that (although it sound A LOT like something he WOULD say), but why would Aceves make it up? I don’t remember him coming out last year saying Tito said things like that…Holy Buckets! Even if it’s TRUE, you don’t tell a player that–it will either alienate him, or demoralize him–and neither is a viable option…Please see #2…

    4. The Sox haven’t even played a game yet, and already they don’t have a Closer. Andrew Bailey injured his thumb, and now needs surgery, which he is having tomorrow, to be performed by Dr. Thomas Graham (The Dr who did Youk’s thumb surgery). And one of the worst thing you can hear: Out until the All-Star Break. While he has been effective, he is injured more than he’s not–he hasn’t had more than 50 appearances in the last 2 years–who’s brilliant idea was it to sign him? So now Mark Melancon and Aceves, who have 24 saves between them, will share closing duties until he returns…

    5. And then there is Josh Beckett’s thumb “thing” He visited a specialist in Texas yesterday, but apparently all is well–even though he hasn’t actually TOLD Bobby Valentine that: “If he needed to talk to me, he was going to talk to me. He didn’t talk to me, so I think he was fine.” Oh yeah, GREAT relationship there…Honestly, we couldn’t even make this sh*t up if we wanted to…Beckett is still on track to make his 1st start on Saturday afternoon against the Tigers…

    Uh…do you think maybe, Tim Wakefield would consider coming out of retirement? The way things are going, the Sox are going to need him…

    6. I have picked May 5th as my date in the “Kevin Youkilis injury pool” I reallyREALLY hope I am wrong…But it’s disturbing to note that Youk only played ONE more game than JD Drew in the last 2 years. Very disturbing.

    7. And when Carl Crawford comes back (tentative estimates say May 1), and isn’t effective, how soon does he start blaming everyone but himself? And even if that doesn’t happen, I would be VERY surprised if he has all his power back–wrist injuries take up to a YEAR to heal–Remember Nomar? Big Papi? Jed Lowrie?

    I’ll say what John Henry backed away from: It was a mistake to sign Carl Crawford…

    8. Daniel Bard had a 2-2 record, and a 6.57 ERA this Spring–mediocre at best–but apparently on someone’s planet this is sufficient to give him a starter’s role? I know he was promised, and they think he “could” be good–but the Sox need to come out of the gate ROARING…and maybe Bard will be brilliant, but..,

    9. Just a general overall vibe, not really based on anything concrete. Part of it is the stuff above; part of it’s just this team as it’s constructed. This team is not really all that much different than the team that crashed and burned last year. And I refuse to believe that the collapse was all Terry Francona’s fault. I guess the biggest thing is my concern that Bobby Valentine’s managing style isn’t really going to work with veterans who have already proven themselves. I think it’s going to piss them off. Could I be wrong? ABSOLUTELY. And I hope that I am…

    But I don’t think so…And if nothing else, this season won’t be dull!

    Coming up: A workout day for the Sox, and then the 2012 Campaign Begins! Yay! After all this waiting and angst, it’s HERE! The Sox vs the Detroit Tigers, Jon Lester takes the mound, opposed by Justin Verlander. 1st pitch 1:05pm.

    Go Sox!

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    N. I. N. E.”

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