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  • Archive for April, 2012

    Red Sox 1, White Sox 3:
    6 out of 7…

    Can’t really complain that the Sox lost a single game on this 7 game road trip, despite the fact that their .500 record lasted less than 24 hours. If they win more series than they lose (with a few sweeps thrown in for good measure), the Sox will be in very good shape for 2012. […]

    Book Review: Third Base for Life:
    A Memoir of Fathers, Sons, and Baseball
    By Joshua L. Berkowitz

    As a fan of the Boston Red Sox, and of baseball in general, the goal is always to win.  Its first, last and everything in between. Nothing else matters… But what about when there is something is more important than winning? What about overcoming your fears for yourself and your children, to bring something wonderful […]

    Red Sox 11, Minnesota 2:
    Two in a Row!

    How sad is it that we get all sorts of grateful if our team with the $178 million payroll full of superstars, gets two wins in a row–Not sure my heart can stand it if they win 3 and actually sweep the reeling Twins….even more sad… Josh Beckett put in a good outing for his […]

    April 23, 2012:
    The Day After the Rainout…

    Holy…Buckets… I have NEVER been so happy to have a rainout as I was yesterday. After the indescribably AWFUL day on Saturday, the only reason I was even going to watch on Sunday night is I wanted to see Terry Francona call the game, and see what HE had to say about the nonsense that […]

    Red Sox 3, Rangers 6:
    Well, So Much for Momentum…

    Apparently, the Tampa Bay Rays are the only team the Boston Red Sox can beat–and 12 games into the season, the Sox are still 2 games under .500 (.333 to be exact)..Better than the .167 of last week, but not by much… At least last night’s contest wasn’t as horrific as the 18-3 beat down […]

    Red Sox 0, Tampa Bay 1:
    Not Closing the Deal…

    While I am thrilled that The Daniel Bard Experiment took a positive turn and that the Sox actually won 3 in a row (When is the last time they did THAT?) over the weekend, I am disappointed that they couldn’t drive that final nail in the Tampa Bay coffin and take the sweep. After all, […]

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