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  • Archive for March, 2012

    Red Sox 6, Oreos 1:

    Ahem, yeah right, the Sox beat the Cookies in a meaningless Spring Training Contest, which is supposed to take the sting out of the unpalatable September. Oh, OK, that means something…NOT… I personally do not blame the Oreos–it was the Sox bad play that got them into the mess that actually caused that game to […]

    Red Sox 3, Toronto 3:
    Tie scores are dumb…

    I know that they don’t want to get all ridiculous with the extra innings in Spring Training, but the whole tie score in baseball is so 2002 All-Star game… One down, 437 more to go: Carlos Silva, one of the “Low risk/high potential” pitchers the Sox signed in the offseason to battle it out, is […]

    March 7, 2012:
    Guest Post: A Game for Bryan Stow

    I don’t normally do the guest post thing, but when I received the following from fellow BBA-er, Michael Jawitz of the Grubby Glove, I felt the topic was important enough to make an exception. This is a brilliant idea, and even if you cannot do a whole game, anything you can do would help… A […]

    Red Sox 10, Twins 2:
    Oh, if only…

    …these games counted… The Sox would be off to a smashing start for the 2012 Campaign. They are still off to a smashing start, but just as I tell myself when I get all aggravated when they door poorly in Spring Training: “These games mean NOTHING–and are no indication of how they will operate in […]

    Red Sox 8, Twins 3:
    A Game with a Score!

    Holy Buckets! An ACTUAL score! While Grapefruit League is completely meaningless, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Meaningless games with scores, then Actual REAL LIVE games with Scores–only 31 days to go! So, right now the Sox are 3-0, having beaten the snot (25-0, 15-0) out of the college teams (no surprise there) […]

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