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  • February 22nd, 2012

    February 22, 2012:
    THAT took 4 months????!!

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:20 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    We are less than a week into Spring Training, and there is already so much nonsense out there, it makes my brain ache. Just thought I should warn you…

    While I think Chris Carpenter #2 has the makings of a very good pitcher (he fared very well in his debut last year, with a 2.79 ERA in 10 appearances), and is only 26 years old, anyone with a brain can see this is not a deal that benefited the Sox.

    The Sox got: Carpenter, and a “player to be named later” (and actual player, not the charity).

    The Sox GAVE UP: Theo AND the ubiquitous “PTBNL” (again, a player, not the charity)

    So the unknowns cancel each other out (if they even actually make a switch, EVER), so the Sox gave up a 2-Time World Series winning GM–on a MAYBE?

    And it took them FOUR MONTHS to do this? That is such crap…

    A pleasant surprise, Daisuke has been on fire in terms of his recovery from Tommy John, with the expectation that his recovery is very much ahead of schedule. Typical recovery is 12/18 months, and Daisuke had the procedure done in June–so it’s very possible we may be seeing him sooner rather than later. I am wondering how he will respond to Bobby Valentine as a manager, he won’t be able to play the “I can’t speak English” card with him, as Bobby Valentine not only managed for a bunch of years in Japan, he can speak Japanese fluently, and even write a bit…

    Am I the only one noticed a WHOLE Lot of whining in Carl Crawford’s comments yesterday, from how he “wasn’t happy” that John Henry was not 100 on-board on his signing, and where he hit it the batting Order last year.

    Whaaaaa Whaaaaa Whaaaaa…

    Carl: Does it really matter if John Henry had some concerns? Ulttimately, if he has felt THAT strongly about it, they would not have signed you. And,  as far as the batting order thing goes, I don’t understand. The only place that matters is at the beginning of the game…

    The Boston Red Sox are paying you $142 MILLION dollars for 7 years of your life to play a CHILDREN’S GAME…and last year you played like Julio Lugo (.255 with 11 homers). And, because of the unfortunately timing of your wrist surgery, you are going to probably miss about a month of the 2012 season. Do you REALLY think these things would have been different if John Henry welcomed you with flowers, and you batted lead-off? So, MAYBE, rather than whining, you should focus on getting healthy and returning to the form that used to give Red Sox fans FITS when you played for Tampa Bay.


    Some interesting changes have begun under the Bobby V Regime, starting with everyone having to take the team bus, rather than cars, or private plans, blah blah blah… Also interesting is that he has asked for some extra games to be played, and extended the college games from 7 to 9 innings, with Red Sox pitchers to pitch for both sides those final 2 innings. These initiatives are to help whittle down the 34 pitchers that are currently in camp….

    Oh, and by the by, can we stop throwing the whole “Let’s trade (Insert player here) for Hanley Ramirez” stuff? The last thing this ballclub needs is another player with a crappy attitude…

    Oh, and while we are at it the “Let’s make Jason Varitek a coach/ manager/etc” stuff needs to stop too. Jason wants to PLAY. If he decides not to play, he is going to take a couple of years off and enjoy his kids. Do you really think that this is a good idea: “Jason, we don’t consider you good/young enough to play for us anymore, but we’d like you to coach” Yeah, I’d feel all warm and fuzzy inside if I were him…

    Finally, our friends over at eTrueSports, who never miss a beat when it comes to ripping the lid off all things Manny Ramirez, come up big again this time with the untold story about Manny’s 2nd 50 suspension: Seeking to overturn his 50-game MLB suspension for use of a banned substance, newly signed A’s outfielder Manny Ramirez filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against his high school, George Washington, and his former chemistry teacher, Dr. Harry Dorfman, for educational malpractice.

    “They should have taught me how to pass drug tests, instead of flunking me all the time,” said Ramirez in the suit. You can read the whole story here

    Coming up: With David Ortiz’s arrival yesterday, everyone is now in camp. And we are now at 10 days until the 1st actual game will be played for 2012.

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