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  • February 3rd, 2012

    February 3, 2012:
    Somebody, Get ME a Pony!

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:47 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Have you seen the Travelocity commercial, where the Roaming Gnome is talking about the little girl who is riding her water toy in an empty swimming pool in some dive of a hotel, because her parents booked the wrong place? My favorite line is: “Somebody, get her a pony!”

    That is sort of how I feel about how the Red Sox off-season is going. We are all expecting this really big splash (or at least a wading pool) with at least SOME improvement of the pitching staff—but no, manager Bobby Valentine was apparently the big signing for this off-season.

    Not only has Ben Cherington went on record to say that its “unlikely” the Sox will add another starter before Spring Training begins this month, but the “best of the rest”, namely Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt appear to be bound for other teams…

    Apparently, Jackson is all but signed to pitch for the Nationals for the 2012 campaign, opting to do the “Scott Boras Trial Marriage” contract, of 1 year, in hopes that next year’s market will be more conducive to a bigger contract (and have a shot at improving his numbers as well). So $10 million is the number that will get him to the Nationals. Apparently, that was too much money for the Sox.

    $10 million for a pitcher who could give you 200 innings, 12 wins, and an ERA under 4? And they paid HOW much for John Lackey?

    So, I guess my question is: Why EXACTLY did the Sox dump the $6 million in payroll by getting rid of their starting shortstop in Marco Scutaro? My friend Paul from Boston is of the opinion that this trade was Bobby’s Valentine’s doing, as he didn’t want to have to deal with Marco after the whole Mets thing. I guess it’s possible, and we certainly know Valentine has that much of an ego…But it just seems SO “cutting off your nose to spite your face”…

    So instead we get to deal with pitchers with legal issues, like Vicente Padilla, who cannot leave his home country of Nicaragua until he resolves the issue of his allegedly unpaid child support–for this TENTH child. And the kicker is? It’s less than 5 THOUSAND dollars–and he made $2 million last year. Lovely.

    Registered for my “chance” to buy Monster and Right Field Roof Deck tickets. I don’t know why they bother doing this. All you do is get a CHANCE–I got the “chance” 2 years ago, and there were no tickets for me…Why not just offer them when you offer everything else? You could also register for the chance to win Red Sox/Skanks tickets, as well as tickets for Opening Day…

    So Josh Beckett has decided that “what goes on in the clubhouse should stay in the clubhouse”. How convenient. It seems like when its bad stuff, everyone wants to “keep it in the clubhouse”. And I agree 100% with fellow Sox Blogger Cyn from Toeing the Rubber with regard to his alcohol comparison of 2011 to the 2004 Jack Daniels’ shots: Please don’t compare the 2. EVER.

    Finally, I am sad to hear that Josh Hamilton was seen drinking in a bar in the Dallas area recently. His battle with drugs and alcohol is both legendary and inspiring, and I am hopeful this will be a small blip on the radar….

    Coming up: A number of players, including Kevin Youkilis and Jon Lester, are expected to start truckling into Spring Training Camp this weekend…a little more than 2 weeks!

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