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  • January 20th, 2012

    January 20, 2012:
    One. More. Month!

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:12 pm in Baseball,BBBA,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Holy Buckets! I awoke this morning to a ground covered in white, and a car temp gauge that read 17 degrees as I was driving to work, and a weekend forecast that includes a snowfall of 3-7 inches (or more in the higher elevations)

    And to think, in 30 Days, the battery mates of the Boston Red Sox will be in their new spring training home in sunny and WARM Florida–and that means spring (and summer) will be here before we know it! Whoo hoo!

    In a weird coincidence, Josh Reddick had the same surgery Carl Crawford has this week, but he had it 8 weeks ago, prior to his being traded to Oakland for closer Andrew Bailey. He weighs in on the recovery: ” It’s not that tough of a rehab process as long as you’re there working out – and we know Carl always works out – he’ll be just fine…From what I’ve read he’ll be missing opening day and at most he’s gonna miss maybe a week. You don’t want to come back too quick from it, but he’ll be fine.”

    From the wholly and utterly embarrassing department: Remember how Used Car Sales Bud said that if the Sox and the Cubs didn’t work out Theo’s compensation package by November 1st, that he was going to step in and work it out for them? Well, it’s now the 20th of JANUARY–almost 3 months later, and the Sox and the Cubs STILL haven’t worked anything out. So now, apparently the teams have asked him to intervene. This has gotten so far out of hand–the Sox allowed him to go quietly, without a fuss, pretty much giving up any bargaining chip they had, and Theo knows that. So it will be interesting to see if Selig tells the Cubs to give the Sox something/someone “substantial”, which is what the Sox want, like maybe, I don’t know, Matt Garza. And ya know what? Because the Sox are not unreasonable, the Cubs can keep his weird chin hair, Elmo…

    Of the 4 arbitration players left, Big Papi’s divide is the greatest at $3.85 million dollars (he wants 16.5, the Sox offered 12.65) 2nd is Andrew Bailey with a $1.35 million difference (he asked for $4.7, the Sox offered $3.35–which is HUGE since he made 465K last year!), Alfredo Aceves is looking for $1.6 million, about a million more than he made in 2011, but Sox only want to pay him $950K, finally, possible starter/closer/reliever Daniel Bard was looking for a bump of about a million, 3, to $1.825, with the Sox offering $1.4…Can you imagine asking for a MILLION dollar raise?

    Orlando Cabrera, or “The OC” as I used to call him, has decided to retire after 15 years in the bigs. Always liked him, especially his contributions as part of THE team. Never understood why Theo didn’t resign him after 2004, opting to go with Edgar Renteria (UGH). Cabrera, who is 27, played for 9 teams in his career, most recently San Fran. Enjoy your retirement!

    Finally, fellow BBA’er Graham Womack of Baseball Past and Present has made it his mission to have the Baseball Hall of Fame honor founding Sports Illustrated writer and baseball author Robert Creamer as part of their 2012 festivities. Graham feels that other forms of media, other than broadcasting and newsprint should be celebrated for their contributions to the sport. You can read all about it here

    One Response to “January 20, 2012:
    One. More. Month!”

    1. Delbert Ferrero says:

      Haha,I adore Miami Heat! They are the best team in bball! We will never see another 3 headed monsterteam like this again! Go D Wade!

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