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  • January 15th, 2012

    January 15, 2012:
    The Baseball Tarot

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:51 am in Baseball,Holiday,Random Thoughts Comments (4)

    Tarot--The LegendAs a reader of Tarot Cards for nearly 25 years, and a collector of decks for nearly that long, I am surprised that 2 of my interests took so long to collide.

    But I recently had the opportunity to purchase the Baseball Tarot Cards and Book set as a Christmas present to me, and am I glad I did. There is a mystical element to baseball that dovetails perfectly with Tarot, and the authors took full advantage of that.

    A little background on Tarot Cards for the uninitiated: There are 78 Cards in a Deck, consisting of 22 Major Arcana, and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.

    The Minor Arcana or the “Lesser Deck” as it is also known, is most like the 52 deck normal playing cards, with cards ranging from Ace to 10, and your Face cards of King and Queen. A Difference in this Deck is that the jack is called a knight (or the Prince in some decks), and there is an additional suit card, called the page (or the Princess)

    Tarot--12 BallsJPGThese cards also come in suits such as Cups (Hearts) Pentacles (Diamonds), Swords (Spades) and Wands (Clubs)

    The Minor portion of the deck deals with the little, often quickly changing, day to day things in our lives.

    The Major Arcana cards (or the “Trump Cards” are the heavy hitters (no pun intended) of the Tarot World. Starting with #0 – The Fool, as in the beginning of life, or a change and ending with #21 – The World, which is the end of culmination. The Majors deal with the slow moving, often drastic life events that occur.

    The Baseball Tarot work the same way insofar as you have the “Majors” and the Minors”, and the 78 Card Deck.

    But what makes them uniquely baseball also makes them pretty unique to Tarot Cards in General. Most Decks follow the Tarot suits of Hearts, Wants, Swords, and Pents, and the Major Arcana usually follow the same naming structure.

    In the Baseball Tarot Deck, instead of Cups you have Mitts, instead of Tarot-WSSwords, you have Balls, instead of Wands, there are bats, and instead of Pentacles, you have Bases…The Suit Cards correspond like this: Eleven (Page), Twelve (Knight), Coach (Queen), and MVP (King)

    And the Major Arcana follow the same course through life or event, but with baseball, starting with #0 -The Rookie, and going all the way through to #21 The World Series.

    And the artwork on the cards is stunning, giving that “old-tyme” baseball feel to the deck…

    Have not decided if I want to read with this deck, or select the cards I like most and have them framed as artwork–but in either event, this was definitely the perfect purchase…

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    The Baseball Tarot”

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