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  • Archive for January, 2012

    January 31, 2012:
    Less than 3 weeks!

    And yet another indicator that this has been a PAINFULLY slow and boring offseason–one of the major Boston newspapers hadn’t had a Sox new story from Saturday morning until later Monday… These are the Boston Red Sox people! Can we please stop acting like the $30 million payroll Marlins already? Hell, even THEY have stuff […]

    January 25, 2012:
    The Cody Ross Era Begins!

    Holy Buckets! After so many years of stone-faced JD Drew, can I just tell you how nice it will be to have a passionate player manning right field? Yay! But can I just tell you how incredibly stupid I think it was for the Sox to trade Marco Scutaro, who would have made a measly […]

    January 20, 2012:
    One. More. Month!

    Holy Buckets! I awoke this morning to a ground covered in white, and a car temp gauge that read 17 degrees as I was driving to work, and a weekend forecast that includes a snowfall of 3-7 inches (or more in the higher elevations) And to think, in 30 Days, the battery mates of the […]

    January 18, 2012: Internet Blackout.
    Oh, and Carl Crawford’s wrist fell off…

    It’s interesting that on the day a good deal of the internet is on strike/ boycott/etc to protest the Anti Piracy Legislation (PIPA and SOPA) currently before Congress, there is probably the most amount of Red Sox scoopage to report… And, if you want to sign the petition (against PIPA and SOPA, not against the […]

    January 16, 2012:
    This or That…

    Some interesting crap better start happening, as I am running out of ways to say blah blah blha…. The Sox have decreased their arbitration eligible players by one, signing Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a 1 year, $2.5 million contract. Tomorrow is the deadline for the teams and players to exchange arbitration numbers…. The rumor around town […]

    January 15, 2012:
    The Baseball Tarot

    As a reader of Tarot Cards for nearly 25 years, and a collector of decks for nearly that long, I am surprised that 2 of my interests took so long to collide. But I recently had the opportunity to purchase the Baseball Tarot Cards and Book set as a Christmas present to me, and am […]

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