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  • Archive for December, 2011

    December 6, 2011:
    Winter Meetings, Day 2…

    Some random thoughts while we wait to see if the 2011 Winter Meetings will be as productive as the 2010 Meetings were… Remember Ryan Westmoreland? The Red Sox prospect who looked like he was destined for great things, only to be sidelined in March 2010 by what surgeons called a “cavernous malformation” in his brain? […]

    December 5, 2011:
    Let the Meetings Begin!

    The Winter ones that is… So now that the Sox FINALLY have a Manager in place (Trying to focus on the positive) they can actually turn to the business of, oh, I dont know, PUTTING A TEAM ON THE FIELD… And it’s interesting to note that King Larry will not be attending this year….hmmm David […]

    December 2, 2011:
    11th Annual Winterball Game Slated for Tomorrow…

    Tomorrow, Saturday, December 3rd, The Boston Amateur Baseball Network will host its 11th Annual Winter Baseball game, at Maplewood Park in Malden. Benefitting Toys for Tots, the official charity of the US Marine Corp, for the 8th straight year, Winterball is a 9-inning baseball game fundraiser played the first weekend of December each year. Upwards […]

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