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  • December 19th, 2011

    December 19, 2011:
    Most Boring Hot Stove EVER…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:55 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Everyday, nothing meaningful happens with the Red Sox, and every day it makes me crankier…

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Sox Management should be trying a bit harder in this offseason?

    I get the whole “looking for complementary pieces”, and “trying to be frugal” thing–OK, I don’t get it the trying to be frugal thing, when trying to be frugal is staying somewhere around $175 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

    C’mon people, the team you own, the team that you committed to be being the good stewards of, just suffered the greatest and most embarrassing collapse EVER (Not even the Mets of a couple years ago sucked this bad). And all you are going to do is send John Lackey for Tommy John Surgery; sign a catcher that hits less than his weight, and a pitcher who may or may not be a closer?

    Oh, yeah, and a flashy manager who likes to tweet, cha cha, and (apparently) distract us enough we won’t notice?

    Guys: You HAVE to do better than this…and in the 100th Anniversary year of Fenway Park, no less.

    It just feels like everyone else is doing things to get better, (except the Skanks, which is amusing, in and of itself…) and the Sox are treading water…

    And after chicken-gate, that is just not acceptable…

    So Barry Bonds got 30 days house arrest and 2-years probation for lying about his steroid use. That is more than I expected…surprised he even got the house arrest….figured they would give him a fine and that would be it…But of course, they will probably let him stay free, pending his appeal, so it could be years, if ever, that he “serves” his sentence…

    Still looking for a pricey Christmas gift for the favorite Sox fan in your life? How about An Intimate Evening with Pedro Martinez, which will take place on January 13th, at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. Tickets are $350, with proceeds benefiting The Jimmy Fund. For tickets: Call Paul Gardiner at 781-648-4048.

    Personally, I would rather go to Westin Copley Hotel on January 19th for the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America Annual Awards Dinner. Tickets for that are only $175.00, and you can get them here…

    Looking for something a little more economical? For a neat Christmas gift for the Red Sox fan/music lover in your life, head on over to ITunes and check out Brian Evans’ At Fenway Nice sound, very much like the standards from the 40’s. If you want to check out a sample before buying, you can go to his website and listen to a bit there…Check it out!

    Do I really need to tell you that 62 Days to Pitchers and Catchers, and 108 Days to Opening Day? Probably not…Lets hope the Sox do SOMETHING between now and then…

    2 Responses to “December 19, 2011:
    Most Boring Hot Stove EVER…”

    1. Mike Wallace says:

      This is the best song I’ve ever heard about Fenway Park. Professionally done. About time. Sick of hearing Sweet Caroline. I love that song, but it’s not really about Fenway. This is a classic tune. I love it.

    2. Christine E says:

      I agree Mike. I thought it was a great song–and I too am growing tired of Sweet Caroline–and the way folks just mindlessly sing it at Fenway…

      Thanks for your comments!

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