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  • December 14th, 2011

    December 14, 2011:
    Dear Santa…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:36 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    I was talking with my friend, Paul from Boston, the other day, and he mentioned that he recently saw the Big Guy in the Red Suit, and hoped that he would have the opportunity to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas this year.

    Unfortunately, he did not have the chance, so he told me instead…

    Well Santa:

    I need an effective RH Power Hitting Right Fielder with a Gun of an arm and GREAT SPEED.

    I need (2) starting pitchers that are effective and can pitch well in September.

    I need a BULL PEN.

    I need a 3rd Baseman that doesn’t get hurt (often)…

    GO SOX !!!!


    And let me add to that:

    Dear Santa:

    In addition to Paul’s requests, I have some additional items on my list:

    A catcher who can hit better than his body weight would be super (and, as much as I like the whole Kelly Shoppach signing, he doesn’t fit that bill…)

    A Closer who is as effective as Papelbon was (most of the time anyway) and a hell of a lot less obnoxious.

    Carl Crawford to be the player who used to give me FITS when he played for Tampa Bay–you know, the one worthy of the crazy-assed contract the Sox gave him?

    The Management spends less time trying to part me from my money, and spend more time hiring something more than a flashy manager

    That the flashy manager makes sure everyone gets in shape, stays in shape, and plays the game right.

    And, the corollary to that: A season of MANY less injuries…

    Anything you can do to help us out, Santa, would be greatly appreciated

    Love and Kisses,

    Christine E.

    Anyone else wants to add any Christmas wishes?  Please feel free…

    Its goes without saying (which is why I am going to say it.) With the signing of Kelly Shoppach, it appears that Jason Varitek’s time with the Sox is over. As I stated on Twitter when I heard the news, I know I should be more saddened, upset, SOMETHING, but I am just…NOT.

    I appreciate everything Jason Varitek has done for the Boston Red Sox, but there comes a time in every player’s life where you need to just make a break, wish each other well, and move on…

    I think a big reason I feel this way is because of the September implosion– ‘Tek was the CAPTAIN of the team, and I don’t get the impression he did much of anything to stop the slide. And the fact that he said NOTHING in defense of the smearing of Terry Francona makes it even worse….

    Ya know what bums me out? That Jed Lowrie has been traded to the Astros for closer Mark Melancon. Kyle Weiland was traded too, but I was never super impressed by him. But Jed I will miss. I always thought that if he could stay healthy, he really could be great. But it’s the always injured part that was the problem. If he had to go, glad the Sox could get someone of worth for him. And I hope he stays healthy and does well–even if it’s with the Astros…

    But supposedly Melancon is all that and a bag of chips. He already had his Tommy John Surgery (in 2006) and during the 2011 campaign went 8-4 with a 2.78 ERA, with 20 saves in 74 1/2 innings. He also struck out 66 this span. And this is with the crappy Astros…So who knows what his ceiling could be?

    But while the Sox are doing little to nothing during this Not-even-Remotely Hot Stove, neither are the Skanks. And I think their REALLY bad choices are finally catching up with them, and it seems they have pretty much reached their spending limit. And while you can never (unfortunately) count the Skanks out–their players are OLD–how much longer are they going to be able to get it done?

    Coming up: When will the shoe drop for Tim Wakefield? Cause I’m getting the feeling he is gone as well, even if no one has come right out and said it…And if it is in fact the case, THAT will sadden me more than all of these other players–COMBINED….

    One Response to “December 14, 2011:
    Dear Santa…”

    1. cordaro9418 says:

      Wakefield’s shoe drops when the Sox make a decision on Joe Saunders or Roy Oswalt. Unless Ben can sell him on an extended bullpen role… but if those mystery NL teams are offering a starting role… Remember Bard and Aceves have been told they’ll be converted to starters, though Bard may close, if he doesn’t start which translated from some ancient language means ‘idunno’. Melancon is ‘capable’ of being the closer, but I’m capable of being President and to date, am not.


      Varitek, sadly, was too silent and too absent during 9/11 (September 2011 for the Nation)and turning 40 before Opening Day with the still declining numbers outweighs loyalty and folk-lore.

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