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  • December 12th, 2011

    December 12, 2011:
    The Not Even Lukewarm Stove…

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:10 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    At this rate, it will be August before this Stove ever gets hot…And it’s making me CRANK-Y!

    So after the complete non-event that was the Winter Meetings, we are STILL waiting for something to happen. I understand that the Sox will not make the splash they did last year, when they signed Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford to those mega deals, but the fact that Fenway is celebrating it 100th Anniversary next year, and how bout, oh, I dont know, maybe the fact that the team CRASHED AND BURNED last year, you would think that would make the Sox a bit more inspired to do SOMETHING.

    Something more than let our closer leave (Not a bad thing, in my opinion, but still) and the heir apparent in Daniel Bard is not going to close, he is going to START?? Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Daniel Bard as a starter–I think he can be very effective there–and giving up 4 runs over 6-7 innings, is much more desirable than giving up 4 runs in the EIGHTH inning. But, uh, WHO IS GOING TO CLOSE??? Bobby Jenks? UGH….

    And, if you listen to King Larry, who was at the Christmas at Fenway event this weekend, things are just ducky: “We look forward with you to the 2012 season and we can do it I think with some optimism. Was there a [7-20] collapse in September? You bet there was. Did it disappoint us, did it anger us? Yes it did. But did it fire us up? Did it motivate us? Did it tell us we have an obligation to bounce back from that? Yes it did. You will see this is going to be an exciting year in 2012, because there’s a whole lot of baseball players who feel they’ve got a whole lot to prove to some skeptical media members and a whole lot of fans as well. So there’s a key motivation on their part going into 2012.”

    Yeah, OK, sure, uh huh…..

    And this nonsense about how now that David Ortiz accepting arbitration now limits the Sox in what they can do is just that: Nonsense…It’s a 1 year deal for probably about $16 million dollars–and JD Drew is gone, as is Papelbon, which saves money there–and then there is the whole “paying Lackey NOT to pitch this year” Great….

    Oh, and this whole 100th anniversary plan thing? It just reeks of ways to part people from their money. Like the book: Fenway Park: 100 Years today. Looks like a lovely book, but I’ll never own one, because they cost SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS–for a book. Oh, and if you want it by Christmas, that’ll cost you another $25.00. If you’re OK with it coming in January, it’s only $12 to ship…

    In case you were wondering–there is still no deal in place to send Theo Epstein to the Cubs…Way to look like you know what your doing, Management!

    As promised, Ryan Westmoreland had some at bats over the weekend in 2 instructional league games in the Dominican Republic. He went 0-3, with a walk, and was hit by a pitch. Holy buckets! Hit by a pitch! I am cringing just thinking about that…GINGERLY people! The boy had BRAIN SURGERY!

    So Albert Pujols is going to the Angels for an extra $44 million dollars. Yeah, that is an unfathomable amount of money to you and me, but when it’s the difference between $210 and $254, I think it loses much of its impact….Its disappointing that he chose to forgot his potential for legend hood as a lifelong Cardinal for the money–and I am sorry, Albert—you’re not allowed to use God as an excuse for your choices either….

    And Holy Buckets! The reigning NL MVP Ryan Braun has tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs and faces a 50 day suspension. And he is probably going to be allowed to keep his MVP–why? It’s not like they don’t have proof he cheated…He should not benefit for breaking the rules…

    Coming up: 115 Days to Opening Day. Holy Crap, maybe the Sox will actually DO something by then….

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