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  • Archive for December, 2011

    December 25, 2011:
    Merry Christmas, Red Sox Nation!

    On behalf of Boston Red Thoughts, and from all of us at NEPABlogs, may your holiday be filled with peace, love, happiness, and light… Happy Hannukah Merry Solstice Blessed Yule Merry Christmas                                                     […]

    December 22, 2011: Learning to say
    “Ho Hum” in 14 different languages…

    Holy Buckets, this is a boring offseason, when the big news is who the coaching staff is. Not dissing them, but I would much rather talk about PLAYERS… So it looks like Dave Wallace will not be back as the Red Sox pitching coach, despite having a good relationship with Bobby Valentine. While it’s not […]

    December 19, 2011:
    Most Boring Hot Stove EVER…

    Everyday, nothing meaningful happens with the Red Sox, and every day it makes me crankier… Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Sox Management should be trying a bit harder in this offseason? I get the whole “looking for complementary pieces”, and “trying to be frugal” thing–OK, I don’t get it […]

    December 14, 2011:
    Dear Santa…

    I was talking with my friend, Paul from Boston, the other day, and he mentioned that he recently saw the Big Guy in the Red Suit, and hoped that he would have the opportunity to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, he did not have the chance, so he told me […]

    December 12, 2011:
    The Not Even Lukewarm Stove…

    At this rate, it will be August before this Stove ever gets hot…And it’s making me CRANK-Y! So after the complete non-event that was the Winter Meetings, we are STILL waiting for something to happen. I understand that the Sox will not make the splash they did last year, when they signed Adrian Gonzalez and […]

    December 7, 2011:
    Winter Meetings, Day 3…

    I saw something amusing from @FenwayNation last night on Twitter, and it’s really not that far from the truth: “Are the Red Sox aware that the Winter Meetings are THIS week?” Because if after this week, all the Sox manage to do is sign Andrew Miller, I don’t think I will be the only Sox […]

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