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  • Archive for November, 2011

    November 17, 2011:
    That’s a Fine Kettle of Fish…

    I know its all business, and Jed Hoyer and Theo had every right to choose whomever they wish for their vacant managerial position, but their offer to Red Sox front runner Dale Sveum just seems a bit like a “screw you” move to Management… So now the Sox # 1 Pick–and the only one who […]

    November 15, 2011:
    Narrowing the Field….

    So, Ben Cherington started whittling the list of 5 managers yesterday, with  odds on favorite Dale Sveum the 1st to advance. He will meet with the ownership tomorrow during the owners meeting in Milwaukee. No other candidates have been scheduled as of yet-which makes things even more worrisome. Dale Sveum? Really? And how exactly do […]

    November 14, 2011:
    Well, THAT sure kicked things off…

    So, Jonathan Papelbon got the big money deal he wanted: 4 Years, $50 million from the Phillies, who has previous agreed to 4 years, $44 million with their in house reliever Ryan Madson. Apparently the kibosh was put on THAT deal by Phillies President David Montgomery. And while I am not super heartbroken his leaving, […]

    November 10, 2011:
    Offseason Randomness…

    A Bunch of Things while we wait for the Hot Stove to preheat… Even since the collapse, and the ensuing pile of drama/crap, and then the lull of the pre-hot stove stuff, I just have not been particularly compelled to write about the Boston Red Sox–maybe I am still smarting from the letdown that is […]

    November 2, 2011:
    The Awards of Incongruity…

    Remember in 2002, when the Sox rotation consisted of (2) 20-game winners in Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez? Both were on the short list for the Cy Young that year, and Derek Lowe even threw a no-hitter against Tampa Bay–but ever all of THAT was not enough to get the Sox into the Postseason. They […]

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