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  • November 30th, 2011

    November 30, 2011:
    Well, the Sox have a Manager…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:18 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Wish I could be happier about the selection of Bobby Valentine, although I think we all knew that, as soon as his name came up, he was the one. King Larry wanted him–and King Larry usually, if not always, gets what he wants…

    It’s interesting to note that now management is saying that Valentine has been in the mix all the time, but that they were keeping it quiet because he still works at ESPN. C’mon guys, really? You can’t keep a secret in the Nation–we you really expect us to believe that you keep this absolutely quiet for almost 3 weeks? Yeah, OK…

    And, unfortunately, it seems like this is being handled like everything else these days, with rumors, and such–and while everyone seems to know this is a done deal, no one has actually informed the candidates of their decision until the cat was out of the bag…and I think that was especially sh*tful to Gene Lamont, who deserved better…Valentine, who will be returning to the states from Japan, will meet with the Sox to hammer out a multi-year deal, and then will unveiled as their 45th skipper Thursday afternoon at 5:30pm…

    Well, if nothing else, the 2012 campaign will not be boring. On one hand, Valentine is not afraid to call players out and hold them accountable, on the other, which is far more concerning to me, is the fact that it needs to be all about the team–and Valentine is fond of making it all about him…

    Who knows, maybe he has learned from his mistakes…and maybe he will leave his glasses and fake mustache at home…

    Looks like former Red Sox Bench coach Demarlo Hale may be heading to the Oreos as their 3rd base coach–although I guess there is still a possibility that he could stay with the Sox–it’s all up to the new manager, who historically selects his staff…

    But one positive on that: Former Sox pitching coach Dave Wallace is available, and has worked with Valentine that capacity before. And I for one, would love to see Wallace back, I thought he did a super job with the staff when he was with the Sox…

    Finally, the Hall of Fame Ballot for the 2012 Class was released today, lead by Barry Larkin, who received 62.1% of the vote in his 2nd year on the ballot, and has the best shot of this group to reach the 75% required to inducted into the Hall. In distant 2nd is Jack Morris, with 53.5% of the vote from 2011, entering his 13th year, and 3rd is Lee Smith who had 43.5% in 2011, and is entering his 10th year on the ballot.

    Rounding out the incumbents are:

    Jeff Bagwell                                                                                                                              Juan Gonzalez
    Edgar Martinez
    Don Mattingly
    Fred McGriff
    Mark McGwire
    Dale Murphy
    Rafael Palmeiro
    Tim Raines
    Lee Smith
    Alan Trammell
    Larry Walker

    The new players on the ballot are lead by Red Sox favorite Bill Mueller, although he has a very slim chance of making the cut:

    Other newbies include:
    Jeromy Burnitz
    Vinny Castilla
    Brian Jordan
    Javy Lopez
    Terry Mulholland
    Phil Nevin
    Brad Radke
    Tim Salmon
    Ruben Sierra
    Bernie Williams
    Tony Womack
    Eric Young

    The results will be announced on January 9th, with the induction ceremony to be held in July of 2012.

    Coming up: As we wait for the Sox to unveil Bobby Valentine,  I fervently hope the media will ease up on the all the Valentine and heart analogies–cause you are all forgetting about the most infamous Valentine of all: The Valentine’s Day Massacre…Let’s hope we wont be having one of THOSE in Boston in 2012…

    One Response to “November 30, 2011:
    Well, the Sox have a Manager…”

    1. Lauren says:

      I just focusing on the positive- that we actually HAVE a manager now. And that we can actually start filling voids. Two months late… but still…

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