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  • November 15th, 2011

    November 15, 2011:
    Narrowing the Field….

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:22 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    So, Ben Cherington started whittling the list of 5 managers yesterday, with  odds on favorite Dale Sveum the 1st to advance. He will meet with the ownership tomorrow during the owners meeting in Milwaukee. No other candidates have been scheduled as of yet-which makes things even more worrisome. Dale Sveum? Really? And how exactly do you get “Swain” from Sveum? Maybe they are Gaelic, cause they don’t pronounce anything even REMOTELY like its spelled…

    In any case, he certainly seems to have the right attitude: “My personality … I don’t let things fester. If I see something that’s disrespecting me or disrespecting the game or the teammates that I’m managing, I’ll have a problem with that and I’ll take care of it at that given time. What format that may be? I don’t know, depending on the problem at hand at that time…You have to get players to respect you to play for you. If they don’t respect you, you get a lot of issues that creep up. If they respect you, they’re usually going to play for you and do things the right way professionally.”

    One possible positive may be that Sveum would be willing to keep some of Tito’s staff in play, most notably bench coach Demarlo Hale, and hitting coach Dave Magadan.

    I find it very strange that people, and even some of the media are clamoring for the Sox to hire Bobby Valentine. Really? Talk about a loose cannon–do you really think he would do what the front office wants him to do? He’d do what he wanted to…and the Sox need a manager who doesn’t need to feed his own ego. Honestly, doesn’t anyone remember the whole sneaking back into the dugout “in disguise” thing? The Sox have enough drama all by themselves, they dont need their manager to feed into that…

    According to Satan, apparently JD Drew has not retired yet–and if the right deal came along, he will play in 2012. And I think we can all agree that the Boston Red Sox is completely, utterly, and totally NOT THE RIGHT DEAL…

    The Cardinals passed over Tito Francona and selected Mike Matheny as the manager a couple of days ago. And apparently Mike Maddux (who thought Boston was too far away from Texas–but not too far from Chicago) is the front runner for the Cubs. Could Tito really not have a job for the 2012 Campaign???

    Here are some gems from Papelbon’s coming out party in Philadelphia:

    “The Phillies were very high on my list. I would say that they were probably the No. 1 team on my list because of the simple fact that it’s an environment that makes me tick. This is an environment that I love to pitch in. It’s an environment that the fans are in every pitch. The fans are knowledgeable of baseball and I think that’s what makes me the kind of pitcher that I am, is playing at home for 82 games in this type of environment. I think that the fans are going to expect anything more than what I’m going to expect out of myself. I’m excited to go and play in front of the fans and show the fans what I can bring to this team…

    Of course, the Red Sox are nothing like this, boring team with uninspired, unknowledgeable fan base and all…

    “The Phillies showed that they were interested in me and I wanted to make this decision quick and get it over with, and the Phillies showed the utmost loyalty to me and I didn’t want to sit there and debate about whether I should go back to Boston or whether I should come to Philly. It was the Phillies that wanted me, and they showed me that they wanted me so I showed them the same respect…

    Loyalty? Really? You don’t know how to SPELL the word, never mind what it means…and how can a team you NEVER played for show loyalty? Its nice to know some things never change–he can call it whatever he wants–it was all about the money…and you can bet your ass that if the Sox had offered more, he’s be all about the “loyalty” to the Boston Red Sox…Feh…

    Finally, congratulations to Justin Verlander, who won the 2011 AL Cy Young Award by a unanimous vote all 28 1st place votes, for a total of 196 points–honestly, does this surprise anyone? A distant 2nd was Jered Weaver with 97 points. NL Cy Young is out Thursday…

    Coming up: The meetings continue–and hopefully someone not named Dale Sveum will rate a 2nd interview…

    2 Responses to “November 15, 2011:
    Narrowing the Field….”

    1. November 15, 2011: Narrowing the Field…. » Boston Red Thoughts | bostonredsox.sportsblogstoday.com says:

      […] is a new Post at November 15, 2011: Narrowing the Field…. » Boston Red Thoughts. And I think we can all agree that the Boston Red Sox is completely, utterly, and totally NOT THE […]

    2. Hitting Drills says:

      Obviously Verlander deserved the Cy, but I think Weaver should receive some props. He’s a great pitcher and has come a long way from playing at LBC!!!

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