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  • November 10th, 2011

    November 10, 2011:
    Offseason Randomness…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:43 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    A Bunch of Things while we wait for the Hot Stove to preheat…

    Even since the collapse, and the ensuing pile of drama/crap, and then the lull of the pre-hot stove stuff, I just have not been particularly compelled to write about the Boston Red Sox–maybe I am still smarting from the letdown that is September, maybe I just needed a time out, maybe its a combination of both…

    But I will tell you this–while it nice that the Sox will forever be known as the only team who came back from 0-3, its certainly less pleasant to be known as the team who has the greatest collapse in sports history…UGH…

    So Tito Francona seems to be on the short list for the Manager’s job in St, Louis, which became vacant when Tony La Russa retired at the end of the 2011 Campaign…He weighs in on the process: “I enjoyed myself. I was honored that they asked me to go. Now it’s kind of the hard part. You wait and see. They’re going to have decisions to make for their organization. Whatever they do, I’ll respect. I was just honored that they asked me to interview. “It was a couple-hour meeting, it was pretty casual, over lunch. Baseball is still baseball. They have a lot of tradition, like the Red Sox. There’s a lot of similarities. I feel how I feel. I just tried to make that be known. That’s not always the easiest thing to do, when you’re sitting there in a sport coat and a tie instead of a baseball uniform.”

    Well, the fact that the Phillies just re-signed reliever Ryan Madson to a 4 year $44 million deal made things a lot clearer in Red Sox universe as to who they need to sign: Jonathan Papelbon, who is supposedly looking for at 3-4 years at more than what he made in 2011, which was $12.5 million…If he can continue his dominance, there really is no other option–Daniel Bard clearly is not ready, and there is really no one else…

    So, what happened to Bud’s “If the Sox and the Cubs don’t get Theo’s compensation package done by November 1, I will step in?” (Ed Note: completely paraphrased) It is now November 10th, and there is still no deal…interesting…

    And the Boston Red Sox have decided not to raise their ticket prices for 2012–Shocking. Guess they wanted to prevent the rioting–or more likely, the risk of breaking that meaningless “2,487 consecutive sell outs” record, or whatever the hell the number is these days…

    Adrian Gonzalez has been named the cover player for Sony’s “MLB 12 The Show”, joining Dustin Pedroia (2009) as Red Sox players who have been honored this way. You can get the game on its March 6th, 2012 release date.

    I guess I should weigh in on the whole Penn State scandal, especially since a number of folks in my family are alumni, and niece is currently a junior at main campus. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach… But the the fact that at least 2 people actually SAW THE ABUSE HAPPEN and did not intervene immediately, is horrific.

    But what is even worse is the fact that at least ONE of the people who actually saw the abuse (I’ll spare you the specifics) gets to keep HIS coaching job–but they fire Joe Paterno, who actually did follow the letter of the law and report what was reported to him.

    And I am sorry, the whole “Let him leave with dignity, on his terms, blah blah, blah” is bogus. Yes, he did report, but its wasn’t enough. This guy WORKED FOR HIM. He should have demanded Sandusky’s immediate firing, AND called the police. Yes, Paterno did a lot of great things for a lot of people, and for Penn State, but these victims will live with this forever–and where is THEIR right to dignity?

    I hope the firing continue until everyone who could have stopped this, but chose not to, is gone…and I also hope that people calm the hell down, take a step back and let things happen the way they need to happen…because someone is going to get SERIOUSLY hurt if they don’t…

    Heard from AccuScore, the leading sports forecasting company, who have recently released their app for the Apple platforms iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Looking for the Android version like me? I have been told it will be released at a future date. The app offers the most comprehensive and accurate sports forecasting engine anywhere, now in a mobile form. And the best thing is: It’s free! You can download it here

    Finally, if you are looking for that special, albeit pretty creepy, holiday gift for the baseball fan who truly has everything, How bout a MLB Cremation Urns? Yep, there is a company out there, Eternal Image who makes these hardwood urns, with each one painted in the primary color of the team that it represents, and includes a felt-ensconced resting place on top for a baseball, which is included (for the $799 asking price, the baseball should be gold plated…) And that’s not all! Each urn also includes a personal nameplate for engraving which reads: “Major League Baseball recognizes [INSERT NAME HERE] as a lifelong fan of the [INSERT TEAM HERE].” They also have a full line of items for all of your mortuary needs, including CASKETS…Holy Buckets, what WILL they think of next??

    Coming up: The managerial search continues, with former PawSox Manager Torey Lovullo interviewing tomorrow, and Gene Lamont on Saturday. Right now, its anybody’s guess who will helm the Sox in 2012–although right now it seems like Dale Sveum (gulp) is a real possibility…I really think it needs to be someone who somewhere between Tito, and Buck Showalter… Ben Cherington hopes to have the new skipper in place by Thanks giving. Yeah, good luck with that…

    3 Responses to “November 10, 2011:
    Offseason Randomness…”

    1. November 10, 2011: Offseason Randomness… » Boston Red … | bostonredsox.sportsblogstoday.com says:

      […] is a new Post at November 10, 2011: Offseason Randomness… » Boston Red …. And the Boston Red Sox have decided not to raise their ticket prices for 2012–Shocking. Guess […]

    2. EM says:

      A person close to Francona said he’d like to manage the Cubs, and that post-interview interview sounded less than excited to say the least.

      Most other Cards fans are picking Francona as their desired next manager, but after his team went AWOL on him this year, I’m a little more skeptical. What do you think?

    3. Christine E. says:

      I think Theo and Tito need a break from each other–towards the end, it just wasn’t work for them anymore, which is why I think Theo needs to make a clean break and hire someone else to manage the Cubs.

      As far as Tito at the helm of the Cards, I think you could do a lot worse…:-)

      I understand your concerns about how he left the Red Sox. But I think he will use it as a learning experience, and while his style of management won’t change significantly, he will be more aware of these kinds of issues, and perhaps be able to more effectively head them off at the pass. And don’t forget, a number of the players who in the past have been leaders of the Sox fell down and did little or nothing to stop the skid…

      And, of course, if the Sox had won 1-2 more games, we probably would not be having this conversation…:-)

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