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  • November 2nd, 2011

    November 2, 2011:
    The Awards of Incongruity…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:18 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Remember in 2002, when the Sox rotation consisted of (2) 20-game winners in Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez? Both were on the short list for the Cy Young that year, and Derek Lowe even threw a no-hitter against Tampa Bay–but ever all of THAT was not enough to get the Sox into the Postseason. They ended up 93-69 that year…

    So the fact that THREE members of the Boston Red Sox won Gold Gloves for their defense in 2012, despite the team’s epic-est collapse in September, reminded me of that year. Some of the pieces of both teams were exceptional–but none of it was good enough to get them to the dance…

    While I am thrilled that Jacoby Ellsbury (CF), Dustin Pedroia (2B) and Adrian Gonzalez (1B) all won Gold Gloves–and the added bonus that they beat out Skankee players at the same positions to do it–it just rings a bit hallow after the horribleness that has been the last 6 weeks or so…

    As an aside, the team that DID go all the way in 2002 was the Anaheim Angels, who had a rookie pitcher in the starting lineup who came up big to help the Angels beat Barry Bonds and the Giants. His name was John Lackey… Honestly, you cannot MAKE this crap up…

    Speaking of Yukky Lackey, he had his Tommy John Surgery yesterday in LA,performed by Dr. Lewis Yocum. Recovery is at least 12 months, which means he is done until at least 2013…and I am ridiculously happy about that…

    The quest for the Next Top Mode–er MANAGER kicked off yesterday, with Phillies Bench Coach Pete Mackanin kicking off the festivities. After the all day interview, which even included some simulations, Ben Cherington had this to say:” I was impressed by him as a person. He’s certainly got a good sense of who he is. “He’s got a good maturity about him. He’s got baseball wisdom. He’s been through a lot in this game, all different sorts of jobs and all different sorts of places, and he’s got some tricks up his sleeve, I think, because of those experiences.” Sounds promising, but then again, did we really expect Ben to say “No, he sucked, Yuk! Ick!”

    So CC Sabathia will remain with the Skanks after all. He and the Skanks agreed to a $25 million, 1 year contract extension with a vesting option for the 2017 campaign…he weighs in: “I was confident that we would get to an agreement. I wanted to stay here, I wanted to be here, I loved it here. I love pitching here, I love being a part of the Yankees organization, and I’m so happy to be able to come to an agreement. I didn’t want to be a part of that being a free agent and doing everything, opting out and all that stuff,” Sabathia said. “It was clear to everybody that I wanted to be a Yankee, wanted to end my career as a Yankee. Hopefully, I’ve done that.”

    Really CC? The $92 million the Skanks still have to pay you for the next 4 years, as part of the $161 million, 7 year deal you signed in 2009 wasn’t enough to get that done? WHAT. A. CROCK…I am surprised you were able to say all of that with a straight face–and what’s even sadder, people will actually BELIEVE that nonsense…

    Some deadlines to remember: Teams can exclusively negotiate with their free agents until 12:01am tomorrow night, November 4th

    November 23rd: The last day teams can offer arbitration to their eligible players.

    December 7th: Last day for players to accept or decline arbitration–I wonder if Ben will keep Theo’s record of no arbitration hearings since he took office in 2003…

    Coming up: Former 3rd Base Coach Dale Sveum takes the hot seat at Fenway today as interviewee # 2 of the Manager’s question–I reallyREALLY hope they don’t end up selecting him…

    2 Responses to “November 2, 2011:
    The Awards of Incongruity…”

    1. cordaro9418 says:

      The 2002 team and 2011 team have a few things in common besides high caliber performers not making the playoffs. The 2002 team was a 90 win team inherited by Theo (who then made the playoffs) while 2011 will be a 90 win team inherited by Ben and should, on paper, make the playoffs.

      Barring injury and fried chicken, next season could see three twenty-game winners in Lester/Beckett/Buchholz… sounds nice, but we’ll see. The season would need to roll from the start and carry through the mid-season slump all teams see before catching fire for the last quarter. Possible? Of course, but Lester needs to be even more consistent, taking that next step while Beckett stays trim and focused as Clay takes his own next step.

      Gold Glove wise, I expect at least one more next season to make four total. If Crawford can get over the shock and awe of a big market and adapt to the Monstah’, he should be in line for a Glove next year to go with Ellsbury, A-Gon and Petey, nevermind joining the Sox members of the Silver Slugger club.

    2. Lauren says:

      I just hope Crawford CAN adapt. I don’t know. He’s literally been shaking in his cleats.
      Off subject… but are you guys seeing all the chatter about Youkilis being trade fodder? Let’s stop this Youkilis-leaving-us-nonsense and start a petition. I’ll get on that.

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