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  • October 10th, 2011

    October 10, 2011:
    Tito the Broadcaster…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:42 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (5)

    Well, if nothing else, Terry Francona could have a fruitful broadcasting career if the whole managing thing falls through…It was so funny to see Tito dressed in a SUIT–we have never seen him in anything by uniform pants and the fleece (much to the chagrin of MLB, who was constantly reprimanding and fining him for not wearing the normal uniform), so the suit was certainly a change.

    But he was vintage Tito, witty and smart and generally fun to listen to. Wearing one of his World Series rings in plain view, he was a bit nervous in the beginning, but as he warmed up, he was throwing nicknames out like a pro, and offered great insights into the game between the Tigers and the Rangers on Saturday night. And his most memorable quote: “I want to chew and I want to be able to curse at will, and I can’t do either” Yep, that’s Tito. I am reallyREALLY going to miss him…

    But I am wondering–last night’s game 2 of the ALCS was cancelled due to rain (there were 2 rain delays totaling almost 2 hours in Game 1) Will Tito still call it? Or will Tim McCarver be back? Hopefully it’s Tito, because, frankly, that is one of the biggest reasons I watched as much as I did…

    Oh, and what the crap was MLB’s Executive VP of Baseball Operations doing giving WEATHER REPORTS during Saturday Night’s game? Really? I would have thought that was a little below his pay grade…

    So now the Rangers lead the Tigers, and Milwaukee leads the Cardinals 1-0 in the ALCS/NLCS, respectively. So let’s look at each potential World Series Matchup–and without any teams I passionately love or hate, the matchups are not as compelling–although I am sure the Ticket Brokers will have brisk business, no matter who gets to the World Series…

    Tigers vs Cardinals: My personal favorite. Despite the fact that Justin Verlander wasn’t that sharp in Game 1, I can still watch him pitch all day–he like Jon Lester when he’s on, or Doc Halladay, or Cliff Lee–just beautiful to watch them work. I chose the Cardinals because they are the “anti-Red Sox” 8.5 games out of it at the beginning of September, they stepped up and played their hearts out, not only getting to he dance, but managing an unexpected upset to the Phillies… Not sure who I would want to actually WIN this one tho…

    Ranger vs Cardinals: My 2nd favorite. Same reason for the Cards as above, and the Rangers are the only other AL Choice–Just can’t get behind them this year…not sure why…

    Tigers vs Brewers: Still not terrible, as the Tigers are still in it, but I cannot work up any enthusiasm for the Brewers–at all…

    Rangers vs Brewers: My least favorite, the least compelling, and I would have to say it would qualify as the “World Series of Boring” And I will probably very little of it–even if it IS the only baseball around–which is a pretty sad state of affairs, any way you look at it…

    Finally, I took the plunge this weekend, and you can now follow Boston Red Thoughts on Twitter: bostonredthots. And, as I said in my first tweet “you will never get “I’m in the kitchen!” “I’m in the hallway!” tweets from me–Promise…:-)

    Also, there is still time to vote for Boston Red Thoughts, who was nominated for Shape’s Best Sports Blogger of 2011 Award. The deadline is October 28th, so you can vote as often as you like. So tell all your friends, and have them vote too! You can vote here… Thank you!

    Coming up: Game 2 for both Championship Series on tap for tonight. The Rangers and the Tigers get the early game at the Ballpark at Arlington, 4:19pm. Max Scherzer gets the start for Detroit, while Derek Holland gets the start for Texas.

    Then it’s off to Milwaukee, where the Brewers and the Cards get the prime time slot. Edwin Jackson takes the mound for St. Louis, and Shaun Marcum gets the nod for the Brewers. 1st pitch: 8:05pm…

    5 Responses to “October 10, 2011:
    Tito the Broadcaster…”

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