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  • September 29th, 2011

    Red Sox 3, Oreos 4:
    And that, as they say, is that…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:36 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Pretty much still in one of those numb, disappointed, angry states vacillating between disbelief and resignation…

    The completion of the crappiest Red Sox season doesn’t surprise me at all. We all knew this was coming for a couple of weeks now. The crappy pitching, the errors, the phoning it in by some people…

    I am just shocked by how close it got to going the other way.

    The Sox were ONE STRIKE away from living to see another day. Tampa Bay was ONE STRIKE away from going home…and, as it is in baseball, it all changed in a blink of an eye…

    I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. Even if the Sox HAD managed to squeak by, who the HELL was going to pitch the next game? And the one after that? After the abysmal September (7-20) did people really expect a complete 180 going into the postseason? Really?

    Jon Lester did what he needed to do: Kept his team in the game–and actually got past the 5th inning… Throwing 93 pitches, 54 for strikes, Jon threw 6 innings giving up 2 runs on 4 hits (including a homer) while walking 4 and striking out 5.

    And, how fitting the Sox season ends with a Carl Crawford mistake. Seems like 2011 was one big mistake for Crawford. Hope it was an aberration, an off year, a bad season–But I think he needs to do something big, instead of just whining: Like donate this year’s salary to the Jimmy Fund–it’s not like he EARNED it or anything…

    And far be it from me to question someone’s personal relationship with their deity. But, c’mon Adrian, “This was God’s Plan” REALLY? No fair using God as an excuse for this. If the Boston Red Sox played their hearts out, each and every game, and still lost, that would be one thing, but that is not the case here. Let’s place the blame where it belongs–with the lowly humans–I think THAT would be more in line with “God’s Plan”

    It has been said that if the Sox got to the postseason, Jacoby Ellsbury was pretty much a lock for the MVP. I wonder if that is still the case–he certainly deserves the honor–and I think the Sox would have been even further out of it, if it wasn’t for Jake. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the baseball writers agree…

    And someone else who deserves a bunch of kudos for keeping the Sox in it as long as they were: Alfredo Aceves. Scraped up from the Skankee junk pile, he time and time again came up big when the Sox needed him too. Pitching in his FOURTH game in a row last night, he pitched a scoreless 7th inning, with a strikeout…So, Thank you Alfredo, I appreciate all of your efforts in trying to get the Sox to the Postseason…

    Tim Wakefield has went on the record stating that he wants to pitch in 2012, to try and beat the Red Sox 192 win record held by Cy Young and Roger Clemens: “I’ve definitely made up my mind that I definitely want to come back next year. I have another goal in front of me that I’d like to accomplish, and that’s the all-time record for the Red Sox in wins. I’m only seven away. I think the fans deserve an opportunity to watch me chase that record. We’ll see what happens.” The questions are: Will the Sox WANT him back? And if they do, can he still pitch effectively?

    So now the Sox go home, and Detroit, Texas, Tampa Bay and the Skanks head to the ALDS, where its The Tigers vs The Skanks, and Tampa Bay vs Texas playing on Friday.

    In the National League, The Phillies, The Cardinals (who ended up on the right side of the craziness that was Game 162), The Diamondbacks and The Brewers head to the postseason, where its St Louis vs. The Phillies, and Arizona vs Milwaukee playing on Saturday.

    At this point, my only hopes for the Postseason are that the Skanks get eliminated as soon as possible. I’ll come up with some predictions at some point–just too tired and beat up to care right now…

    Go S-… Yeah, right… NEVER MIND…

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 3, Oreos 4:
    And that, as they say, is that…”

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    2. Lauren says:

      It’s okay. We’re going to be fine. We need… um… um… Scotch.

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