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  • September 6th, 2011

    Red Sox 0, Toronto 1, in 11 Innings:
    Worst Weekend EVER…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:10 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    OK, Perhaps not the WORST…but as far as weekends of bad Red Sox baseball, this one is right up there…

    Let’s sum up the suck-fest, shall we?

    Lost 5 out of the last 7 games, including 4 out of 5 this weekend: CHECK

    John Lackey spit the bit, MAJORLY, AGAIN, when the Sox really needed to win: CHECK

    The Sox went from being ahead in the AL East, to being 2.5 games BEHIND: CHECK

    Josh. Beckett. Got. Hurt. BIG TIME CHECK…

    Certainly not the place to be with 21 games left in the Regular Season…

    Thankfully, the Sox still have a healthy 7 game lead in the Wild Card Race–but Tampa Bay is 2nd, 7 Games Back with a Magic # of 16–and the Sox still play 7 against them…

    Ohhhh. Boy….

    Kudos need to go out to the Sox bullpen who stepped it up yesterday in relief of Josh Beckett when he left 3 1/2 innings into the contest with a sprained ankle. Aceves pitched the same amount, giving up 1 run in the span (Josh had given up 3 hits in his scoreless outing.

    Then Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon also combined for 2 2/3 of scoreless ball.

    It wasn’t until the bottom of the 11th inning when Dan Wheeler gave up the solo shot to Brett Lawrie that was all of the scoring in this game.

    While Wheeler took the loss (his 2nd of the season), the “blame” of this loss falls completely on the anemic offense, who, for all the heavy hitters in the Red Sox lineup, could not come up with even ONE RUN in support of the exceptional pitching that the bullpen came up with…

    The total line for the Boston Red Sox pitching staff yesterday: 10 2/3 innings, throwing 164 pitches, 107 for strikes, giving up 1 runs on 6 hits (including the walk-off homer) while walking 6, hitting a batter and striking out 15…

    As far as Josh is concerned–nothing yet–he is going back to Boston to be looked at by Dr. George Theodore, the foot specialist for the ballclub…Josh weighs in: “I never had it happen to me before. I did something to my ankle — not sure what it was… I felt it on the second to last pitch, and then it felt a little bit different on the last pitch…It’s always concerning, that’s my power leg.”

    So Erik Bedard gets his 1st win in a Red Sox uniform (and the only win the Sox have had in the last 5 games), and the 1st thing he does is skip a start? Apparently, Tito and Co feels a break for his knee would be a good idea, as he is not 100% from the sprained medial collateral ligament that kept him on the DL for the better part of 2 months when he played for Seattle…

    OK, who had September 4th in the pool? In a move that surprised NO ONE, Bobby Jenks is finished for the year, as he is still battling the bad back, random sickness, and whatever the hell else is bothering him on any given day. He threw just under 20 innings, and was paid $6 million dollars, or about $100,000 AN OUT to do it…And it wasn’t like he was even super effective in those hundred thousand dollar outings: He was 2-2 with a 6.32 ERA. Unfortunately, his contract is for 2 years, so the Sox may get more of the same in 2012…

    Speaking of more of the same, JD Drew still cannot play, as his finger still hurts from the injury he sustained while on a rehab start for his shoulder strain. He went on the DL on July 20th…Tick Tock…

    And how bizarre is it that the Sox own the best road record in all of baseball with 42 wins and 27 losses? For how many years have the Sox been AMAZING at Fenway and hovering around .500 everywhere else? They are currently 42-49 at home

    Coming up: Jon Lester takes the mound in Game 2 of this 4 games series against Toronto, and will hopefully do what he has been doing all year: be a stopper. He is opposed by lefty Luis Perez. 1st pitch 7:07pm

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    Worst Weekend EVER…”

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