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  • July 11th, 2011

    July 11, 2011:
    All Star Week Randomness…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:49 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Since we are now in Day #1 of 4 days of no meaningful baseball, Let us look at 9 Random Things in and around our National Pastime…

    1. Didn’t get a chance to watch the newbie, Kyle Weiland pitch yesterday, but when I checked at the top of the 2nd inning, and I saw a bunch of zeros, and thought “Hey! The kid is doing OK–didn’t give up a bunch of runs in the 1st inning!” Then I check back a little while later, and see than the kid gave up a whole bunch of runs in the SECOND inning–6 runs on 7 hits to be exact. So the Sox are now down 6-2–wonderful. But, the Sox tied it right back up in the bottom of the 2nd, and go on to win the contest, and completing the sweep of the Oreos…

    2. And don’t look now, but the Sox get to go to Camden Yard next week and play Baltimore again for 3. I just hope Kevin Gregg isn’t pitching… Oh, and for the record, Cookies, you are 18 games out of 1st place, 16 games BELOW .500, have lost your last 7 in a row, and are 1-9 in your last 10 games. I think you have MUCH more to worry about than the fact the Sox have a $180 million payroll…I’m just saying…

    3. Have you ever wondered why teams more often than not pick Kevin Youkilis to hit with a pitch in retaliation? The new kid hit 2 Oreos in yesterday’s contest, and Jeremy Guthrie hit Youk back…

    4. After the scare we all had on Friday night when Josh Beckett hyperextended his knee and had to leave the game on Friday, it’s all good. Josh threw his side session Sunday morning, and has been cleared to pitch in the All-Star game–and you know that if he wasn’t 100%, the Sox would have had him pass, and rest to get ready for the 2nd half…

    5. So, Derek Jeter got his 3,000 hit this weekend–Thankfully, so we can now STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. And some kid named Christian Lopez caught the ball, and gave it back, so “Jeets” could have his ball. OK, how nice for him. So the Skanks gave the kid some luxury seats for the rest of the season. Whatever. So NOW, there is a page on Facebook, “Let’s raise $300K for Christian Lopez” Uh….WHAT??? Apparently, this is some guy with all this debt who gave the ball back, when he could have sold it on EBay for a million dollars. Now, as far as I know, there was no gun pointing to his head, demanding he give the ball back. He CHOSE to give him the ball. So, now, some genius wants to raise money to give to this kid who MADE A CHOICE??? I looked at the page–1/2 of the folks are bitching that Jeter should give him money, the other 1/2 are offering to give this guy money…and no, I don’t think this is the stupidest idea EVER, just because its the Skanks–I really believe if this ISN’T the stupidest idea ever–it’s right up there…and its so far up on the list, its encroaching on SAD…

    6. I know it’s not nice to be gleeful when a player is injured, but I have to admit it made to smile to see that Jeter, A-Fraud, and Mariano Rivera all gave up their spots on the All-Star Roster. And, A-Fraud has a torn meniscus, which means knee surgery, so he’ll be out a least a month, which means the Sox probably won’t have to deal with him when they face the Skanks at the beginning of August…And, as an added bonus, Youk gets his All-Star spot, of which he is more than deserving…

    7. I got this press release from MLB last week: “Record Number of Fans Set All-Star Roster”. Really…. As you know, my biggest pet peeve with the whole All-Star voting thing is the fact that you can vote 25 times per e-mail address–for exactly this reason. So MLB gets to say they broke records–REALLY? When people can vote 25 times, and everyone I know has at least 3 e-mail addresses? (I personally have 5..) Why don’t you try taking whatever the finally number of votes were, dividing that by 25, then by 3 (which is probably a good average) and I think that would be a MUCH closer number than this whole record setting nonsense…but, albeit alot less “impressive”

    8. OK, riddle me this. King Felix Hernandez pitched yesterday, which nullifies his place on the All-Star team. So they give it to Jon Lester, but he is on the DL, so while he goes to the game, and has all the honor and privilege of being an All-Star, Toronto’s Ricky Romero gets his spot on the roster. Huh? They replace a guy who can’t pitch, with a guy who…can’t pitch, only to give his spot to someone else? Yes, I am glad Jon Lester got the honor, but why not just skip to Romero? Apparently, this is the way they have to do it, as they were elected by the player’s ballot, and Lester was next in line, and Romero after him–it’s just WEIRD, that’s all….

    9. Coming up: The Home Run Derby, where the AL faces off against the NL. Led by Captains David Ortiz and Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, Robinson Cano, Matt Holiday, Matt Kemp, and Richie Weeks will all vie to hit the most homers, both for their league, and individually… and don’t forget the HRD drinking game. Every time Chris Berman says “Back Back Back”, you need to take drink–so look to be hammered by the end of Round 1. Festivities start at 8:00pm on ESPN.

    2 Responses to “July 11, 2011:
    All Star Week Randomness…”

    1. Lauren says:

      I’m trying to figure out a good nickname for whiny Gregg. Maybe Greggative. Like negative. I will give this more thought.

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