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  • June 13th, 2011

    Red Sox 14, Toronto 1:
    Beating the Snot out of Them…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:03 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    While the high scoring games of this weekend (Saturday’s 16-4 win and yesterday’s contest) are certainly fun to watch, they do not count any more than winning by 1 run. So, despite the fact that the Sox outscored Toronto 35-6 in 3 games, and have won 9 in a row, they have not gained any more distance against the Skanks, who have been beating up on the all-of-a-sudden, reeling Indians (sorry Dad…)

    So the Sox lead the AL East by 2 games–which certainly more desirable than being behind someone 2 games, but its only 2 games–and there is a lot more baseball to be played…

    But, Holy Buckets, if the Sox are going to be playing like this, it’s going to be a very fun summer….

    Guess Jon Lester is over this early season “thing”, throwing 8 beautiful innings of 2-hit ball yesterday, Jon gave up 1 run (a solo shot to, who else, Jose Bautista) while striking out 8 and walking 1. He threw 102 pitches, 68 for strikes in his 9th win (the most in the AL) of the 2011 campaign…..

    And being “On Fire” “Locked In” “Seeing the ball well” and any other cliché you can come up with doesn’t even begin to describe the offensive tear Adrian Gonzales is on:

    • He has a 9 game hitting streak
    • His 91 Hits are the most in the AL
    • His 60 RBI’s are the most in the AL
    • His 156 total bases are the most in the AL
    • His .341 Batting Average is the highest in the AL

    Isn’t it nice when a team pays a boatload of money for a player who is supposed to be “all that” AND THEY ARE?????

    Oh, and have we mentioned that he had played EVERY game so far this season–and he is only 28 years old???

    So, folks, if there actually people out there who think Mark Toxemia (.252 with 19 homers and 47 RBI’s) is more deserving of the All-Star 1st base nod, than Adrian Gonzalez–you need your head examined…

    Old friend Brian Daubach is in his 1st year of managing pro baseball, and while that, in an of itself, has to be a learning experience, managing one of the hottest phenoms to hit baseball in a while, certainly has to raise the stakes. Yes, Dauber is manager of the Single A Hagerstown in the South Atlantic League, part of the Nationals farm system, and home, at this point, to 18 year old Bryce Harper. Dauber weighs in on his famous player: “Bryce has been great to manage. And to watch him experience things and deal with things for the first time as a professional player is really neat.’’

    Harper is currently batting 342 average with 14 homers and 43 RBI’s–and made a big stink last week when he blew a kiss to an opposing pitcher after hitting a homer–totally bad mojo–lets just hope the team keeps good to their word and uses it as a learning experience, and its just one of those stupid and immature things players do when they are young…

    I wonder if the Nationals will rush and bring the kid up too fast–sort of like they did with Strasburg, who is still working his way back from Tommy John surgery after the Nats brought him up to pitch in the bigs, probably too soon…

    I keep hearing about Jason Bay and how awful he has been doing for the Mets, and I am sad for him–glad that if his downward spiral is a permanent thing, the Sox didn’t pay ridiculous money to keep him, but sad that, if it is the beginning of the end for him, its ending this way, as I always liked him as a player, and as a former good citizen of the nation…Maybe its playing for the Mets–if anything can put you into a downward spiral, it could be that…(sorry Mets fans!)

    Finally, if you are looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day, or for that Red Sox fan who literally has everything–then this is for you. As you know, Fenway will be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2012, and, to commemorate this auspicious occasion, the Red Sox are unveiling The Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Brick Program.

    You now have the opportunity to have a brick with a personalized message placed in the Fenway Park concourse area inside Gate B and Gate C. There are 2 different size options for the bricks, 4″x 8″, which are $250 + tax and fees and 8″x 8″, which are $475+ tax and fees.

    On the smaller bricks, you can get up to 3 lines of test, with each line containing 15 characters (which includes letters, spaces and punctuation.) The larger brick allows for up to 6 lines of text with 15 characters. In addition, you will get a replica of your brick in a display case, an individually numbered official certificate of ownership bearing your inscription, and you will be provided a locator map after the bricks are installed so you can look up your brick the next time you are at Fenway. For more info, go here

    Coming up: An off-day for the Sox, which hopefully will not impinge upon their hot streak, and then Tim Wakefield will kick off the 3 game series against Tampa Bay, to close out this extremely successful (so far) road trip. Wake goes for his 4th win of the season, and the Sox 10th win in a row. He is opposed by James Shields. 1st pitch: 7:10pm…

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    Beating the Snot out of Them…”

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