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  • Archive for May, 2011

    Red Sox 9, Angels 5:
    Good to see some things don’t change…

    I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous about this game. Yeah, the Sox have been beating the snot out of the Angels for quite some time (they are 5-0 against them in 2011, 14-1 against them since 2010)–even this year, which is saying something. But That Clay Person has been struggling, with an ERA north […]

    Red Sox 3, Seattle 2:
    The Good and the Bad…

    The Good: The Sox managed to eke out a win in yesterday’s contest, thanks to a clutch single by, of all people, Carl Crawford, which gave him a respectable 2-4 for the day–and allow the Sox to start the month of May with a perfect record…A Special Thanks should also go out to perennial gold […]

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